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3 Reasons To Get Your Boyfriend The JES Extender

bigger dick

If there were one thing that almost all men would wish for, it would have to be a bigger dick. It is said to be a badge of honor to have one swinging down there but some say otherwise as you can read here. On the other hand, women pride themselves on having a man who can fill them up quite nicely every time. If it is just for sex, then there is nothing wrong with dreaming about a bigger tool just fixing up your insides. It is said that the bigger bats take up more space and hit all of the right spots if appropriately used.

However, we cannot deny that not all men are blessed to have the swinging bat. Most of them are just averaged size, which is acceptable for most men and women. Studies have shown that an erect five inches are the worldwide average for penis length. As for girth, sources vary, like how women (or other men) like to take a schlong in their orifices. It may not be a crucial part of the relationship, but it is more fun to have more space to play around the big pole.

Women With Needs

As a girlfriend, it is our responsibility to take care of our man as they do to us. However, we might have needs that they might not be able to fill just yet. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a smaller sausage, as some people might not be able to take more than a finger. If you are a size queen, though, then the average might not be enough. It is time to consider advising your boyfriend on having a penis enlargement system.

Now, please don't spring this topic immediately on them. It can be insulting for them to find out that you are not satisfied with their tool. The penis is the ultimate symbol of manhood and getting them a penis pump or extender can hurt their ego. It would feel like you are belittling their sexual prowess, and any man would want to satisfy their partner one way or another. Giving them such tools can lead to many problems that you may not want to face just yet.

Before we tackle that concern, it would be best to look around first and see the available options. Some of these devices can be found online, and you can easily order it for your convenience. Take a look at some of the reviews like this JES Extender review article. Most of these reviews might not have evidence that shows it as no one wants to take a picture of their sexual organ for a review. However, take a read and see whether it might work for your boyfriend.

Why Purchase The Device

bigger dick

1. It is an effective means to increase girth and length.

One of the more glaring advantages of having an extender is its effectiveness. It was initially used to treat those with abnormally curved penises, also known as Peyronie's disease. This disease may not be fatal, but it is somewhat uncomfortable for the person suffering from it. It can also lead to more severe complications like a permanent injury on the penis, causing it not to function normally.

Nowadays, it is being used as a way to lengthen your tool considerably. It is not just like those herbal medications; the device stretches the muscles of your penis. This way, more cells can form around the stretching, causing a permanent increase in length. It can also help with girth, but it is often more seen as useful for the former goal.

2. This extender is easy to use and comfortable around the organ.

Most extenders are usually so uncomfortable to use, as it might be due to their construction. Also, you are fighting the normal development of your sexual organ. Products like JES have tried to remedy this by using materials that can easily stretch around your girth. In this case, you do not need to constrict your little Johnson through a harsher material.

3. It can make sex more mind-blowing if used right.

As long as you are using the product properly, you would see the results in just a few months' time. Patience is the key in this situation, as it takes time for the extender to contort the length of your organ fully. The cells also need time to regenerate, so you might want to strap in for a long time while waiting for your desired size to materialize.

Once you see the results, though, then you would feel the improvement in your sex life. For the girls, then you would experience it as well as it moves in you. The extra inch or even less can give miles of pleasure, and you need to use it right, boys. The length is just there to help you, but you would not want to rely on it. Focus on your movement, and let your tool do the merciless invasion it deserves and here’s a guide for that:

Meanwhile, it is also essential to know your limits. The extender can only do so much as it will rely upon your natural length and girth. It does not magically add the inches that you need, but it uses up the rest of the cells in your body. Naturally, there comes the point wherein it stops extending altogether. You need to be aware of this limitation, as pushing it further can lead to severe damage.

At this point, you might want to approach a urologist first before going for a penis enlargement process. They are the ones who can give you the proper counsel on what to do and if this would work for you. It might also affect your urinary system, and that can be worse than having a nasty dick. You might end up losing a part of your urethra, for example, which can cause all of the urine to build up in your body. Poisoning from the inside is a lot less fun than a smaller than average dick size.

As for the women, we have already mentioned that nothing's wrong with craving a bigger banana to shove up your bowl. However, you do not need the bigger tool to have a better relationship unless all you want is just sex. In that case, please keep it simple and explain to your partner what is going on in the relationship. Being honest about your woes is just the start, although you must understand the situation. Telling the man that you are not into him because he has a small dick is quite insulting.

Also, it is essential to check your hygiene, as well. If you are taking a baseball bat up your net every day, then you must look around and see if it is still in good condition. Have a checkup with your gynecologist, and always use lube before doing the deed.

And to help your boyfriend out with another very common condition, this article - Peyronie's Disease (Curved Penis): Symptoms, Causes & Treatment - covers the basics of Peyronie’s disease, the causes and symptoms of the condition and guidelines on how to straighten a curved penis.

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