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John of God, Miracle Man

By Tony Garza

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE from around the world diagnosed as terminal or incurable by modern medicine travel thousands of miles each month, enduring long international flights and exhausting bus rides to Abadiania. A small town in the mountains of central Brazil. They come to see miracle healer, Joao Teixeira de Faria, the man the people of Brazil have affectionately titled, "Joao de Deus" or "John of God".

Joao is a simple man of humble beginnings who devotes three days of every week to healing his fellow man without payment for his services.

As a young boy, Joao experienced blackout spells. On awakening he learned he had performed miraculous healings. Religious leaders, the medical field, the police and those in power threatened by Joaos abilities had him beaten, thrown in jail then cast out of town. This was a pattern that went on for years. Even with that, Joao still treated those who persecuted him when their own incurable illness arose. Joao frequently states, "it is not me who cures, God is the healer, I am simply the vessel". Joao is known as an unconscious medium; he never recalls any of the healings he's performed.

Not everything can be explained scientifically or rationally as there are over 35 Healing Spirit Guides including King Solomon and Saint Ignatius that use Joao as their instrument, completely taking over his body and mind. Guided by these Spirits, Joao was told to buy a specific piece of land in Abadiania and build a healing sanctuary on it. Joao named it the Casa de Dom Inacio, after his Patron and Master Guide, Saint Ignatius.

Since he began 44 years ago, Joao has treated and healed millions of people. While incorporated by the Healing Spirits, Joao will see all who come to him without stopping to rest. The poor and the famous alike stand in line, up to thousands a day. They come to witness miracles and hope to receive one of their own. For example actress Shirley Maclaine who was told by Western Medicine she would never dance again. That was until Joao removed a tumor from her stomach.

Joao is acclaimed to be the most powerful spiritual medium of our time and the greatest healer since our beloved Jesus the Christ. From curing cancer, AIDS, tumors, heart conditions, addictions, helping the lame to walk and the blind to see, Joao treats every form of illness imaginable. Many people report powerful outcomes that can be measured; X-rays before and after for example. The proof is a room at the Casa filled with thousands of discarded crutches, leg braces and wheelchairs.

The two kinds of surgeries performed through Joao are visible and invisible. Visible surgeries are done with forceps, a scapel or knife. Patients experience minimal pain, bleeding or anxiety during surgery. There are no tranquilizers, pain medication or antibiotics used before, during or after surgery, and no case of infection has ever occurred throughout Joao's many years of work. Invisible surgery is performed while meditating in what is known as the Current room at the Casa. Healing Spirits energetically bring about miraculous corrections on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Healing can be immediate, others recover over time, and some may require additional visits.

Thousands of written testimonies and personal letters of gratitude fill the Casa office along with stacks of newspaper articles. Reports from clergymen, scientists and doctors worldwide support claims of Joao's work. One such testimony is from a woman from California, USA. She has given us permission to share her experience.

After visiting John of God ("Joao de Deus") in Brazil, I not only feel I returned with a new body, but also with a radiant joy that pervades my entire being. I am stunned by this.

I initially greeted the idea of spending the time, money and energy to visit the Brazilian medium who was known for his cures with great resistance. I've visited other psychic surgeons and spiritual healers before and never experienced any true healing on any level. So I was highly skeptical, to say the least.

But I was desperate. I had been suffering from acute fibromyalgia for over a year, spending thousands of dollars on both medical and alternative kinds of treatments without success. I was at the point where I could hardly work to support myself. Some days it was a tremendous challenge just to get out of bed. My quality of life had become bleak and hopeless. So this trip to Brazil was my last resort. My resistance was finally overridden by a relentless inner voice telling me to just GO.

On my way there I realized I believed in miracles; that is, miracles for other people - those with either great faith or great innocence. I was neither of these kinds of people and was pretty certain a miracle could never happen for me. But I was on my way and figured: if nothing else, at least I'll see Brazil.

Well, to my astonishment I was to experience MANY spiritual healings. In the three weeks I was there, my fibromyalgia symptoms simply disappeared. Since my return back home, my other conditions are currently in the process of healing. Everyday I feel a little bit better.

But more importantly, I am realizing that many other deeper aspects of my being have undergone healing. As so many people who go down there discover, this trip to see Joao is not just about the healing of the body; that's kind of a side effect. What its about is the healing of the soul. It's about opening up spiritual channels, bringing in an awesome freedom on all levels, from the inside out. It's about clearing out old, stuck, karmic patterns that are standing in the way of allowing you to fully express your gifts and talents and soul's mission. And, perhaps, most of all - it's about having your heart blown wide open.

I have never experienced the Christ Consciousness so intensely, so sweetly, so powerfully, as on the grounds of the "Casa", where Joao does his work. The feeling of love, as soon as you enter the grounds, is so palpable, you can't miss it. It stirs your soul. The feeling of service and brotherhood and true caring of the people who work there embrace you, and you immediately feel the sensation of transformation beginning to take place within you. Any blocks, resistances, or doubts you may have, melt away, before you even get a chance to know what hit you. I think I cried more tears of joy, love and gratitude during my time there, than ever before in my life.

I've come back after the spiritual healings feeling years younger in my body and experiencing a sense of enormous clarity and peaceful emptiness throughout my entire being. My life has opened up-it feels that anything is possible. I feel lined up with my "destiny" - whatever it will be. And I'm ready for it. The healing spirits that work through Joao are still with me. (It's said they follow you home.) I feel them guiding my every step. My sense of gratitude for all of this is so enormous, I'm left swimming in a vast ocean of Love, every time I think about what has happened to me.

This kind of experience does not call to everyone. But for those who are called - be prepared for miracles, physical and spiritual. Because they happen and continue to happen over and over. Once you've connected to the energy at the Casa, your life itself becomes a miracle.

Joao de Deus and his Casa de Dom Inacio Healing Sanctuary give us the opportunity to witness and experience God's love and deepen our connection with him. A place where our hope turns into faith, and faith into certainty. For the thousands who travel to Joao each month from around the world, it is a Spiritual awakening, a spiritual transformation, and the beginning of the end to their illness, on many levels.

Copyright © Tony Garza 2006
Tony Garza is a Spiritual Development Teacher, Intuitive and an Official Casa Guide. Tony conducts escorted healing journeys for the ill, the called and those seeking a spiritual awakening/transformation to John of God in Brazil.

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