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Is Gambling for Fun Good for Your Health?

gambling for fun

Gambling is not really a cup of tea for many. The mere mention of ‘gambling’ is enough for others to dismiss it with contempt. Having been associated with crime and addiction (more so in films and movies), it’s understandable why some people may have reservations on gambling. However, while this is the case, the truth of the matter is, too much of anything is bad and as such too much of gambling (as is the case with a whole lot of other things) is also bad. There is need to view gambling as a pastime or an option to wind up time when you have some spare minutes to kill. If you have this view then gambling for you will not just be fun but it will also be healthy! Just be sure you find a safe place to play.


First things first, gambling makes you happy. Research has shown that a high number of people who engage in gambling are people who have a fondness for gambling. As such, by partaking in an activity that they desire, they become happy. While happiness per se cannot be attributed to being a health benefit, what happiness does is that it makes one to be relaxed and calm all the time. Relaxation and calmness inversely will make one healthier as they eliminate mental stress, depression and the like.

gambling for fun

Brain Exercise

Gambling is also good for your brain. Every now and then, the brain needs some sharpening. One effective and scientifically proven way of sharpening one’s brain is through playing mentally challenging casino games. Challenging casino games such as poker and blackjack have been found to be highly effective. Research has also shown that gambling for fun is great for the older generation, not just will they be able to exercise their brain, by partaking in gambling, they also get to eliminate some bad ‘tendencies’ such as alcoholism and depression. By eliminating these ‘tendencies’, they get to live healthier.

Effective tool in fighting depression

In brief, we have already touched on how certain aspects of gambling for fun do help in fighting depression. Now, let’s delve a little deeper. Gambling whether in a land based casino or online is a social experience. As such, during one’s gambling adventure, people get to interact with others. Through this interaction, gambling (via its social aspect) does help people to de-stress and lead healthier lifestyles.

Brain and Hand Coordination

Gambling improves brain and hand coordination more so when playing certain casino games. Games such as video games (open to casino gambling). Poker and blackjack do require players to be equally good with their hands as with their brain. This ‘requisite’ is greatly improved when one is playing games as one practices to use his hands at the same time as he is using the brain. Therefore, in the end, whenever one is presented with a situation which requires exceptional skills in brain and hand coordination in other areas of life, he will be able to cope without much difficulties.

gambling for fun

Adrenaline Rush

There is no argument that gambling (regardless of form be it playing casino games, placing sports bets or engaging in novelty betting) does provide one with a great adrenaline rush. While others may have reservations about adrenaline rush citing its ability to make one nervous, the thing is, there is much more to adrenaline rush than just this. An adrenaline rush makes one to feel excitement, a bit of tension and a thrill at the same time. Combined, these three do help in breaking down the permanent state of stress in anyone (suffering from it). In all, what we can say is that calmness is something we all need and rightly so. However, its important every now and then to mix it up with adrenaline rush so that at all times, we continually break any cycles of permanent stress that may pop up while at the same time, we arm ourselves with the ability to sense danger.

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