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The Fundamentals of Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

By Emma Williams

To perform and work well, you must feel well. This is common knowledge, right? However, many people put too much pressure on themselves, resulting in being overworked. Deep down, everyone knows that health and wellbeing are crucial for a successful career.

On the other hand, not everyone is aware of the importance of workplace wellness or corporate wellness programs and how to implement these. Here are some fundamentals of workplace wellness every employer needs to know about.

1. Allow flexibility

From time to time, everyone gets tired of the strict work environment at the office. Being chained to the desk from 9 to 5 can be tiring and irritating for many. With numerous new options, such as working from home or having flexible working hours, being strictly tied to the office environment doesn’t make sense anymore. As long as the work gets done, why does it matter?

Allowing flexibility shows your employees that you trust them. That creates an overall positive work atmosphere. To achieve that, get to know your employees well and work on building a cooperative team. You and your people can create a plan together and discover what suits their and company’s needs the most.

2. Promote a healthy lifestyle

Health-related issues are one of the most common reasons for employee absenteeism. Fortunately, nowadays, a lot of employers care about the health and wellbeing of their workers. That doesn't only mean offering good healthcare, but promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Even though you can’t affect the way your employees live outside of the workplace, you can influence some of their habits at work. For example, instead of offering unhealthy snacks during the breaks, provide them with necessary nutrients and minerals such as fruits, veggies and nuts. Besides physical health, do not neglect their mental wellbeing. Encourage them to seek professional help if they need it and practice acceptance and tolerance in the workplace.

3. Does a positive mindset attract better results?

It’s commonly known that negativity and pessimism affect your entire outlook on life. These characteristics affect the way you work and most importantly think. Waking up with a negative mindset can have an effect on your whole day. Same goes to your employees.

To positively influence their mood and mindset, show gratitude and interest. Ask your employees how their day has been and listen to what they have to say. By caring for your employees' wellbeing, you're one step closer to building a successful team. The happier and more positive team is ready to tackle harder challenges, cooperate more and achieve better results.

4. Minimising injuries and health hazards

Every workplace comes with the risk of health hazards for the employees. Whether you work at a construction site or from the seemingly safe office, injuries and illnesses are bound to happen if you’re not cautious. It’s up to you, an employer, to make sure that injuries and accidents are minimised. Even though you can’t watch over them at all times, there are some measures you can take.

For example, every business lot has areas that are busier than the others, such as reception areas, warehouses and office kitchens during the break. Spillage or muddy shoes often cause wet floors in such high traffic areas and situations. To prevent serious injuries from happening, make sure that every slippery surface on the premises has an anti slip mat. These mats are highly durable and flexible, therefore are the most cost-effective solution for these kinds of problems. Keep your employees safe and show them that you care about their health and wellbeing.

5. Don’t forget about work-life balance

With a strong urge and desire for success, many managers neglect private life and focus on the job. Some expect the same from their employees which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. As you already know, stressed, tired and anxious employees tend to achieve less and get bad results. That's why practising mindfulness and empathy at the workplace is essential.

You, as an employer, have to set your employees on the right path. What does that mean? Provide them with tips on how to have a better work-life balance. It’s a win-win situation for the company and their wellbeing. Happy and rested employees are ready to create and succeed.


As you can see, promoting workplace wellness creates happier, healthier and more productive employees. Showing them that their health and wellbeing is vital to you, you build an accepting and efficient work atmosphere. Remember that positivity and balance are essential aspects of a comprehensive workplace wellness programme.

About the Author:Emma
Emma Williams (Twitter) is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.

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