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9 Fun Facts About Sugar

Facts About Sugar

Sugar is something that is found in just about every food out there. Whether it's a sweet dessert like cake or an unlikely byproduct in savory foods like bread, sugar is definitely here to stay. What many don't know is all of the unique facts about sugar. Read on for more fun facts about sugar, including the growth and production processes. Plus, fun ways to use it that you may have never known!

1. Sugar Sources

While it is often thought that sugar cane is the sole source for sugar cultivation, that is not true. Real sugar can also come from other plants, including sugar beets. In fact, most of the United States's sugar production comes from sugar beets.

2. Sugar Can Be Infused with Cannabis

One unique use for sugar is that it can be infused with cannabis in order to be added to baked goods, similar to flour. The process requires a little bit of work upfront, but with batch preparations, it can last for quite a while. If you're looking to elevate your baked goods, infusing your sugar and other baking products can be a great method. Check out Veriheal for more information.

3. Sugar Is Everywhere

Despite a food not being sweet, sugar is used as a substitute in many dishes. This is especially true when it comes to foods, drinks, and sauces that market themselves as fat-free. The fact is that when one component of food is removed, such as fat, another must be inserted to bridge the gap. In low-sugar foods, you'll typically find higher fat contents, and in low-fat foods, you'll find higher contents of sugar.

4. Addicted to Sugar

If you're addicted to sugar, chances are that it is an inherited condition. If one of your parents were heavy sugar consumers, they could pass on a gene that makes you predisposed to sugar dependence as well. This isn't the only way that sugar can alter health (check out the next fact)

5. Sugar's Health Problems

Not necessarily a fun fact, but one that is important to note is that sugar can have a negative effect on your health. Not only does it lead to a higher chance of heart disease, but it can also alter your genetic makeup, including heart muscle, and may increase the chances of cancer. Not to mention, you may pass on sugar dependence to offspring if you're a high sugar consumer.

6. Sugar's Name

Contrary to what it may seem, sugar is actually derived from a word in Sanskirt, "sharkara." The words mean the granule form of the material – perfectly representing what granulated sugar is. The word can also be derived from other words of similar nature, such as the Turkish sheker or Arabic's sakkar.

7. Babies are Born to Crave It

As crazy as it sounds, sugar is the only thing that babies crave when they are born. While this makes sense from a toddler's perspective, as they're often drawn to the sweet taste and burst of energy that comes, it's interesting that babies are born to want sugar in any form, not simply candy and other sweets. The reason is that sugar is needed for development.

8. Sugar Consumption Has Risen

We hear it everywhere, but sugar consumption has rapidly increased over the years. By just how much? Well, back in the 1970s, Americans only consumed 123 pounds of sugar annually compared to an average of 152 pounds of sugar in recent years. This far exceeds what experts recommend for a healthy diet.

9. No More Than One Soda

It's recommended that humans consume no more sugar than what is in a can of soda. This means less than 65 grams a day. This means if you were to have a can of soda every day, you should not consume sugar in any other capacity. Ideally, sugar consumption should be much less, but this budget allows for a treat every now and again!


Sugar has many interesting properties and has become one of the biggest additives to consumption products today. While it can be delicious on occasion, you'll want to avoid overconsumption of sugar, given the ample health complications that can arise. However, a fun treat every now and then can be worthwhile!

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