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Fun Exercises To Do With Your Dog

Fun Exercises To Do With Your Dog

It was in 2018 when the sociable Great Dane became a minor internet star after being filmed joining his Dad’s lunges exercise at their home. The video was uploaded to Daily Mail and brought a mild debate whether the dog is trying to play or attempting to copy the exercises being done. At first, the dog appears puzzled and slightly observes his Dad doing lunges. Surprisingly, he began to copy the actions reasonably accurately, considering that he is using four legs rather than two. He does his own lunges routine (it’s like making a bow actually) that is exactly as slow and controlled as the man at first.

Whether you do it at home like the man and the dog in the video, hit the gym every day or build stamina by jogging in the park, we couldn’t deny that dogs need to exercise too as much as with humans. However, before doing any exercises with your pooch, it’s important to seek advice from your dog’s vet first. In that way, you will ensure there are no underlying health problems that can harm them during the exercise and know how much workout he needs. Although if you happen to do some exercises with your pet already but find him a bit stiff and has difficulty rising in the morning, I think it’s time to choose a different form of exercise for your dog. 

Here Are Some Fun Exercises To Do With Your Dog

Dog Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice of mind-body movement that is good for you as it is for your dog. Dog yoga or Doga has been favored for more than two decades now. In our bustling world, yoga can help people relax and center– while dogs and other pets carry a special benefit to this practice. Aside from better posture, circulation, and relaxation, Dog Yoga also serves a lot of advantages for you and your pet such as improving muscle mass and joint health, increase the feeling of connection, security, and togetherness, reduce stress, good opportunity to socialize with other pets – If you want to know how dogs interact with other animals, you can read more about it here – and not to mention, it’s more exciting than the same-old fetch and walks.

Standup Paddle Boarding

Humans love Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) for it offers a lot of fun things such as total body workout, peacefulness, accessibility, as well as a new point of view. These same reasons apply to dogs too! For dogs, this activity is much easier than getting in and out of kayaks and canoes. They give you the freedom to move around and are less restricted. What’s more, it’s an easy sport to learn by just following these steps. First, take a paddleboard class before you bring your pooch. Second, buy a board that works for you and your dog. Third, practice on and in your home before hitting the water. Fourth, make sure you and your dog wear life jackets while on the water. Lastly, always go at the dog’s pace–in training and on paddles. With just a bit of practice and a simple training program, you and your dog can enjoy tranquility as you both float away.

Hike On Your Favorite Trail

So dogs can give you great exercise. If you’re an outdoor explorer, then you can try going for a hike with your precious pooch. Most dogs love to hike as much as humans do for it provides many benefits. Not only is it important for physical health, but it’s also a great source of mental simulation for dogs. If you’re planning on hiking with your canine pal on your favorite trail, there some factors you need to do first as a pet-parent such as the following:

  • Make an Exercise Plan – Consult your dog’s veterinarian and discuss with him your hiking plan. Know about his health condition, medication, the risks, as well as limitations. You also need to train and build his endurance and strength first with some challenging routines before hitting the trail. 
  • Prepare your pet – Make sure your dog’s collar has an ID tag, microchip, and GPS in case he got lost in the forest. It’s also necessary to know if there’s a veterinary hospital nearby if ever your dog needs special medical attention.
  • Pack the essential supplies – Once you venture into the woods, do not expect that there will be stores nearby to buy your dog’s needs. You have to ensure that you pack everything such as food, water, first aid kit, flashlight, dog lift harness, and all-important items.

Go For A Swim

Swimming does wonders for overall health, offering an aerobic workout that also strengthens and tones the body as well as mental well-being. It can also serve as a therapy for dogs that are recovering from a surgery or injury, have joint complications, are aging or overweight. But, before you take your pooch for a swim, you also need to know how to keep him safe–especially if it’s his first time such as choosing a quiet, shallow spot in the pool, keeping him on the leash while he learns, getting into the water with him, begin training him at the edge of the water until he enjoys it–if he starts paddling with his front legs, lift his hind legs to show him how to float–and most importantly, if he doesn’t want to go, don’t force him to swim. Make sure to keep the lesson positive and stress-free for your dog.

Tug Of War

Another fun exercise-slash-game that you can do with your dog is the tug of war. Despite what old school trainers’ believe that tug of war makes your dog aggressive, it actually doesn’t. In fact, making him win the game makes him enjoy it, even more, reduce behavioral problems plus build his confidence. Tug of war is the easiest type of exercise to engage in a meaningful play with your canine companion. What’s more, it can also be used as an opportunity for positive reinforcements.

Why Exercise Is Important For Dogs

Aside from the above mentioned benefits of exercise to your dogs, there are more reason why it’s important such as decreasing anxiety that leads to destructive behavior, helps senior dogs to stay active, ensures that joints stay lubricated while supporting the muscles, allow more engaging opportunities, provides mental simulation, good socialization, strengthens your bond–and as your relationship grew strong it can also lead to obedience.


We all heard this many times before that regular exercise is good for you. If this is the case, what more for your dog? With more and more alarming cases of overweight or obesity being conducted by experts between dogs and their owners, it is discernible how exercise can help you lose weight, battle diseases, and most importantly, producing a healthy and longer life between you and your beloved dog.

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