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8 Simple and Fun Activities for Seniors
During Quarantine

Before quarantine, we always wanted a long break from work and daily life hassle, but we didn’t like it when it happened. Yes, it’s nothing but quarantine. When we were in quarantine, even some of us are still in quarantine. We want to leave but don’t want to stay at home. It’s hard to pass the time when you have barely anything to do. However, it has been easy for kids to go through the quarantine, but what about our elders. Not many of them are interested in binge-watching or scrolling through mobile screens. There has to be something for them as well. We got it for them. It’s a list of things or fun activities that seniors can enjoy during the quarantine.

  1. Ludo: The most famous game for all is Ludo. If the elders wish to play on a real or board of play digitally, both way will be fun. A game that engages people of every age will be a perfect pass time element for the seniors. Since it is a well-known game, they don’t need to ask you the play rules. What’s your favourite colour of Ludo?
  2. Uno: In the category of card games, Uno is a not very old member. The rules are comfortable so the game. Gift a set of Uno cards to your parents or grandparents as the best pass time element in this quarantine. Get rid of all the cards before anyone else and don’t forget to say Uno before dropping the last card. A single card can change the game anytime.
  3. Jenga: If your parents have that much patience and non-shaking hands then Jenga will be perfect for them. It requires a lot of patience and time to play Jenga. That is how they can spend quality time with family and pass this quarantine. If destruction doesn’t irritate you, then this is the best pass time game for you.
  4. Cards: Playing cards has been an evergreen habit of human: play Spades, or any other games with cards to enjoy with your grandparents. Join the seniors if you get time from online class or work from home. Let’s see who won the quarantine journey—checkout Spider Solitaire 4 Suits for the better mobile game experience.
  5. Bingo: Most dominantly Bingo has become the favourite game of all kitty parties. Apart from that, Bingo is a fun family game. What could be better than playing Bingo with your family? Eliminate all the numbers before anyone else does that. Having gifts for the winner can make the game more interesting.
  6. Chess: A game for the smarter ones. Most of our granddads like to play chess. It would help if you also enjoyed chess with them. In this quarantine learn some skills of chess with your parents or grandparents. Don’t forget playing chess does not only help you pass the time but also sharpens your brain.
  7. Dominos: If you like board games, then you will also like dominos. No, it’s not the pizza brand but a fun game to play. Play all the domino tiles before anyone else. Its high time to play domino with seniors and learn some skills. For fun, you can have prices for the one who wins the game. Play with your family and make the quarantine better.
  8. Scrabble: Craft words from one word or multiple words on the mat. There are different types of scrabbles available, both offline and online. Pick your favourite and make the quarantine wonderful. Scrabble can help you learn new words as well.

Apart from sitting down games, the seniors can also play indoor games. It is best to sit together and play some board games, dice games, puzzles and card games. If you have no one to play with, then don’t worry. You can play with anyone anytime through online games. Most of the games are available in mobile versions and tab versions. Play at your ease and pass the quarantine in a better way. Online games and indoor games have been the preferred pass time solutions for all. But we never expected that these games could make your quarantine better. Enjoy being at home with indoor sit-down games.

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