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Complete Guide to Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Canada


If you regularly come across full spectrum CBD oil but have no idea what it is, then this is the guide for you.

Full spectrum CBD oil is very popular among Canadians due to a number of reasons. While we will get into that much later, what we will do now is tell you all about what full spectrum means.

There are two main types of CBD oils on the Canadian market; full spectrum and broad spectrum. Both are derived from hemp and have little to no THC in them. What this allows the user is to sample a pure CBD extract of the hemp plant whilst also including the likes of CBN, CBG, CBC, etc.

Before we get into explaining it, you have the understand the differences between full and broad spectrum oil.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

The main thing that separates both is that broad-spectrum oils don't have any traces of THC in them. This is because broad spectrum oil is completely stripped of the THC and turned into CBD isolates through a number of other processes.

It still has all the flavonoids and terpenes that hemp has to offer, but without THC.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum, on the other hand, doesn't undergo any process of THC stripping. With all that said, the trace amounts of THC found in full spectrum oil amass to 0.3%.

Every oil can be regarded as CBD oil if the traces of THC number below 0.3%. But this number isn't nearly enough to get you high, so it doesn't make any difference whether you use full or broad spectrum.

Due to CBD being legal in Canada, both full and broad spectrum oils are very popular on the market.

How is Full Spectrum Oil in Canada Made?

The first thing that we have to explain is the making process of this oil. Like any other CBD oil, the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant are used for the extraction of the oil.

The process starts by drying of the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. Some even dry the stems and stalks and this isn't anything unusual. The hemp plant, however, must be ready and mature enough to be extracted.

Once every usable part is all dried up, we mash them together and create powder. The next part is the one that really matters, as the powder is turned into oil using a number of extraction methods.

The extraction methods are what determines whether you'll be making full or broad spectrum oil. In the case of full spectrum oil, the extraction methods in question leave the phytocannabinoids as a whole. This makes sure that no compound is lost and everything remains the way it was but in the form of oil.

During the making of full spectrum oil, more than 100 compounds are mashed together. This process is organic and natural and doesn't include any chemicals.

Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum

We mentioned earlier that broad spectrum oil undergoes a process to make it into CBD isolate. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD that doesn't have any trace amounts of THC or psychotropics.

Unlike full spectrum CBD, isolates leave out more than 10 compounds of the hemp plant. Canadians should know that neither full spectrum nor CBD isolates will get you intoxicated.

But a case can be made regarding which of these three is the best, and the probable answer is full spectrum. That's because the hemp plant works in mysterious ways to provide you with the entourage effect.

This "effect" is what makes the experience with CBD products so great. Since every compound of the hemp plant is perfectly legal in Canada, the entourage effect is widely considered as the best CBD experience by many Canadians.

This effect simply refers to a "feel good" state that CBD provides. While you cannot get high or intoxicated with full spectrum oil, it's important to know that every compound plays a huge role in providing the entourage effect.

And since both broad spectrum and CBD isolates leave out more than 10 compounds, obtaining the entourage effect is much harder.

What Makes Full Spectrum So Popular in Canada?

Now that you know mostly everything in regards to full spectrum CBD oil, let's talk about what makes it so popular. Full-spectrum CBD oil is easy to buy in Canada and usually retails at a slight premium compared to other products.

The Entourage Effect

Quite possibly the single best reason to try full spectrum oil is because of the entourage effect. Since full spectrum is so highly diverse with cannabinoids and terpenes, achieving the entourage effect is made easy.

The synergy between all compounds in the hemp is only possible when all compounds are present in the oil. Since broad spectrum and isolates leave out a dozen compounds, chances are you wont achieve the entourage effect.

And what we'll say about this effect is that it brings with it a huge range of benefits for the user.

Unique Taste

Terpenes are responsible for the unique taste of full spectrum oil. Terpenes are many and heavily represented in full spectrum oil. These can easily be described as aromatic "oils" that the hemp plant produces when growing.

These aromatic oils are what gives full spectrum oil is unique taste and scent. And they're partly responsible for the entourage effect. Since our mind responds positively to aromatic scents, terpenes are what stimulate the endocannadinoid system.

This is why we use CBD for treating anxiety, stress, epilepsy, and various other disorders that affect the mind.

The unique taste, which can be easily described as grassy, makes full spectrum oil very attractive on the Canadian market.

Near Any Dosage Works

Due to the lack of the ten compounds in broad spectrum oil and CBD isolates, you have to take an exact dosage to achieve the maximum therapeutic benefits.

That isn't the case with full spectrum oil. With full spectrum, you can take the slightest dosage and still reap the health and therapeutic benefits of CBD. This is, again, because of the entourage effect.

How Much Does Full Spectrum Oil Cost?

There are dozens of CBD brands in Canada. Thus, giving a definitive answer to how much a bottle of full spectrum oil costs is nearly impossible. Just know it’s slightly more than pure CBD oil but you get a lot more cannabinoids for your dollar.

However, most brands tend to stick to somewhat competitive prices and vary in just a few dollars.

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