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5 Foreplay Tips to Improve Your Sex Life Quality

What is Foreplay?

Before talk about how to do foreplay, let us talk about what is foreplay first.

So, what is foreplay?

To be simple, foreplay is a game, a sex game.

On the other hand, foreplay is the switch of sex, the first step to improve the quality of sex. Couples can increase their sexual desire in this process, and stimulate the female vagina to secrete lubricating fluid before insertion, to avoid women’s vaginal dryness during insertion, which may affect women’s sexual experience. For men, not all men have high desires when they see naked women. Men also need to be teased and seduced. (Tips: If you don't want to end the game early, it is not recommended to stimulate sensitive parts at the beginning to prevent premature ejaculation.)

How to foreplay?

In most people’s perception, Foreplay can be a kiss, a hug, and caress each other. These steps are actually without any problems, But if there are only these kinds of foreplay before each sex, it will inevitably feel monotonous and boring after a long time. After losing the freshness, lovemaking is like completing a task, and the foreplay is just a warm-up before completing the task. After a long time may have a negative impact on the relationship. Therefore, I have prepared five different foreplay techniques to share, hoping to improve the quality of your sex life.

5 Foreplay Tips

1. 69 Style Blowjob

69 is a posture in which the man or the woman lies prone on each other’s sexual organs and oral sex with each other. Since this posture is shaped like 69, so called 69. At first, not everyone can accept this posture, with the popularization of sex education and the development of the porn industry, everyone gradually accepted this posture and began to enjoy the pleasure of oral sex with each other at the same time.

For example, when a girl lies prone on a boy, girl may get tired in this posture,but it can bring a better experience. Because when lying down, boy’s penis will rise naturally, Not only is it convenient for girl to have oral sex, but it is also convenient for girl to control the degree of depth. Due to the effect of gravity, girl’s body will press down. Make the vagina and the boy's mouth stick closer, making it easier to observe and find sensitive points.


2. Use Sex Toys

I don’t know if you have tried to use remote control vibrator - it’s a kind of vibrating panties toys.

Sex Toys

I have to say that this is a very interesting toy, wear a wearable vibrator when you get home. When your husband comes back, take the initiative to give him the remote control. I believe that when he took the remote control in your hand, he was already excited. You can do something else in the rest of time, but he, play with you. For example, when you are cooking in the kitchen or watching TV, he suddenly pressed the button of the remote control. The tingling sensation that spreads all over the body hits the brain, makes you extremely eager for him to insert your body. (Tips: Not everyone likes this sudden feeling, people who are insecure will be angry about it, so this method is not suitable for everyone) On the other side, this toy can also liberate boys’ hands, to caress other parts of the woman's body, like breasts. Under the effect of dual stimulation, it further stimulates girls' libido. Isn't this kind of foreplay more exciting? Due to the powerful mute effect of this toy, some people who like adventure use this toy in public places, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and even libraries, people around you cannot hear the vibration unless you moan out. It will be an amazing experience of foreplay.

3. Watching AV Together

Watching AV

Before this, I have a suggestion, Turn off the lamplight or turn down the brightness in the roombefore watching the AV, and light the scented candles. Such an atmosphere helps relieve mental stress and relax the body. Choose the AV that both parties like (Not all videos are suitable for couples to watch. Since most of the AV audience is men, there will be some videos that disrespect women. Such videos may make girls dissatisfied and destroy the atmosphere). You won’t feel anything when the plot just started,once you have sexual desire, you can start to imitate the actions in the video. Try to do the same foreplay and same action as in the video, try to stimulate your partner with the same dirty talk in the video. The advantage of this method is that there are many different AVs to choose from and you can learn more postures that you have never touched in the process. For couples, it is also an important way to effectively maintain a sense of freshness for a long time.

4. SM


SM is divided into different levels, here I only recommend mild SM. Before you start, you need to communicate with each other and ask for your partner's consent. During the process, you must always care about your partner's feelings and give feedback to your partner, so that both parties can better collaborate and experience happiness together.

Bondage sex is an essential part of SM. Usually, use some common method such as tying hands and covering eyes, wearing sexy underwear will have extra enjoyment to this game, so this part needs to be completed with the help of props. Use the handcuffs toy to tie your partner to the bed, then cover your partner's eyes with a blindfold, use your hands, mouth, or breast. Caressing and kissing his body(Blindfolding is the most exciting part of this game, because while blindfolding, it enhances other senses, such as touch and hearing, and becomes more sensitive.when you blindfold your eyes, you don’t know what's the next step of your partner. he will stimulate which part of your body. this unpredictable behavior will produce a sense of excitement and tension). In addition, you can also use some auxiliary props to enhance skin sensitivity. Such as ice cubes, brushes, etc. Or use clit sucking vibrator to stimulate her clitoris when your partner is restrained.

I have to emphasize again that not everyone can have a pleasant experience in SM. If your partner opposes SM, please respect their opinion.

5. Bubble Bath Together

Bubble Bath

When it comes to taking a bath, I think everyone thinks of taking off all their clothes, But I suggest putting on your silk pajamas and taking a bath together. After getting wet, this filmy seduction brings a visual impact to your partner. Stimulating your partner’s sexual desire to a certain extent. You can massage each other during the bath, and use a sponge to put foam on your partner, knead each other's sex organs gently. Or use a girl’s breast instead of a sponge to rub the boy’s body, arm, chest, buttock, penis etc.

During bath, boys can use a shower to help girls rinse body while using the temperature and impact of hot water to stimulate girls’ clitoris, and gently rub clitoris with his hand. I believe this will be an incredible experience.

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