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Football - the World's Most Popular Sport

Football appeared a long time ago and has extremely deep roots. Since its appearance, this has been a popular sport and beloved by many people. In the past, we called this sport by a different name, later it was renamed and quickly became one of the major sports in the world. Talking about football, people will think about the strength of a man. However, through many years of development, nowadays football is not only a sport for men but also a sport for women.

What do you know about football?

As mentioned, football was once called by a different name. This is a sport that members play according to teamwork. There is a conflict between the two teams. Each team will have 11 players on the pitch, which is rectangular in shape. At each end of the football pitch are goalposts representing the two teams. To play this game, we will have to use a ball. The players on the pitch will move and use their feet to bring the ball between the opponent's goalposts – to score a goal.


What do you know about this king sport? Please follow us!

The player will score goals for his team by kicking the ball between the opponent's goalposts. In football, only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch football by hand, no other players are allowed to intentionally or unintentionally use their hands and arms to play the ball. If any player deliberately or unintentionally uses his hand or arm to play, that member's team will be deemed to be in violation. There will be some rules used to penalize a team whose members violate the rules. The winner of the match is the team scoring more goals when the match ends.

The match will be controlled by a team of supervisors including a referee and two linesmen. The main referee will be the person who uses the whistle along with the red and yellow cards, for the match to start and end, or to pause the match.


Arbitration and players are part of a football match

Each football game has two halves, each of which will last for 45 minutes. There are 15 minutes between these two halves and no more than 10 minutes of overtime caused by delays. In knock-out matches, if two teams have a draw at the end of regular time, the two teams will have to play extra time for 30 minutes. If the tie is ended, the two teams will Shootout in order to find the winner.

Football is a world-class and professional sport. Every year, there are hundreds of matches going on and thousands of people come to the football pitch to watch and cheer for their favorite team. Of course, besides, there are millions of people watching football through television and the Internet, because they do not have access to go to the stadium and watch the football there.


Every year, thousands of people are crazy about football matches around the world

Not only professional players can play football. In addition to the pros, anyone who has love and passion for football can also play soccer as amateurs, as a way to express their love and passion.

In a survey published by FIFA - the World Football Management Organization in 2001, they said, there were more than 240 million people regularly playing football in over 200 countries. Football has a simple rule: competition equipment is not too expensive. It is not only a strong point of the sport but also a condition for this sport to have a strong development process. In fact, in many countries, football plays a particularly important role in the lives of people as well as the nation. Therefore, this is a very popular sport and is well known throughout the world.


Currently, both men and women can play football

Heroic history of football

Football has a long history in the world. According to FIFA, people started to know about football from the 2nd or 3rd century BC. It first appeared in China and has techniques similar to today's football sport. In ancient Roman times, a sport with a similar play was widely practiced. It was called Harpastum.

Football with rules similar to today began to appear and become popular since the 19th century in the schools of England. Up to now, the most modern and ancient football law was known as the Cambridge Code. The reason for this name of law is because it was located on the campus called Trinity College of Cambridge University. At that time, representatives of five universities, Harrow, Rugby, Eton, Shrewsbury and Winchester held a meeting and unified the rules for football.


With just a basic understanding, you can understand the rules of football

Also, in the 1850s, amateur teams began to be founded by people. Each team also built their own football rules. Among them, Sheffield F.C is the most famous. However, the fact that each team had its own rules made it difficult to run the game. Therefore, after so much effort, on October 26, 1863, in London, a Football organization called the Football Association (FA) was established. Accordingly, from October 1863 to December 1863, there were 5 meetings held to build the first, full and comprehensive football law.

This code has a total of 13 articles, approved by the FA and hosted by Ebenezer Cobb Morley. Currently, the agency responsible for managing and monitoring football law in all countries of the world is the International Football Association Board (IFAB). IFAB was founded in 1886 in Manchester (UK) in a meeting with representatives of FA - Irish Football Association, Scottish Football Association and Wales Football Association.


Organizations around the world have been trying to keep the essence of this sport

The first football tournament was held in 1872, named the FA Cup (Football Association Cup), organized by C.W. Alcock. It is a playground with the participation of English football clubs. This is also the first national football tournament.

In addition, the Football League was first founded in 1888 from the initiative of an Aston Villa football club director, Mr. William McGregor in England. There were 12 clubs in the North and Central England that participated in this ongoing weekly tournament.

Currently, the football management agency in the world is named Féderation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). This organization was founded in 1904, in Paris, France. The first president of the FIFA is Mr. Robert Guerin. Ever since FIFA was founded, the organization has announced its decision to use and respect the football law that FA has issued.


Currently, there are many football matches taking place every year

Since 1913, IFAB began to supplement members. Currently, IFAB's executive board consists of 4 representatives (English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish football laws). In 2008, FIFA has 208 countries.

Indeed, football is not only a sport that is popular in the world but also a sport that has a great influence on the sports and social culture of many different countries. Football is a spiritual bridge, bringing people in each country closer and more united.

Hopefully, this information will help readers have more knowledge about football, to love and admire this king of sports. In addition, to follow the progress of football, please regularly monitor information at our website!

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