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Should I Focus Mostly On Exercise For Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

Most diets fail because they focus on unnecessary things. Successful weight loss is not really about diet. It's about exercise. The main focus of trying to lose weight should be exercise because it will quickly lose pounds and maintain the weight loss. With all the technical changes in our daily lives, most of us are not getting enough exercise. People, especially boys, start gaining weight in their late 20s, and then continue to gain weight until the 30's and 40's because of less time to exercise and stay active, of course they gain weight.

So it makes sense that returning to exercise will melt the pounds. Commitment to exercise is not very demanding. Going to the gym just a few times a week will make a big difference in losing weight. And the more time you spend in the gym, the faster the pounds will come down. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness over the next two or three months. Going to the gym tones the body, flattens the abdomen and strengthens the thighs. It changes the shape of the body. Losing weight will be followed by constant fatigue and exhaustion. So even if the pounds remain the same on the scale, that's fine; it just means that the fat is turning into muscle.

How the Body Spends Calories

  • Metabolism for the body to work
  • Physical activity
  • Digesting and absorbing food

In addition to controlling weight, exercise improves overall health. According to the Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health, the benefits of regular physical activity include fewer risks of

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Early death
  • Colon and breast cancer
  • Diabetic

Other than protecting against disease, exercise has many other benefits. It improves the health of muscles, bones and joints. People who play sports perform better in leisure activities and even at work. Also, regular exercise reduces stress and improves mental health. People who exercise regularly are less likely to have depression and anxiety.

Losing fat and building muscle will help you tone up and put you in smaller sized clothing because a pound of muscle takes up much less space than a pound of fat. Visualize a 1-pound package of lean meat or chicken from the grocery store; now imagine four sticks of butter. Each weighs 1 pound, but butter takes up more space than meat.

Food Counts

Exercising alone as a method to lose weight is particularly ineffective without paying attention to eating, and increasing activity is not a free pass to ignore eating habits. People who start an exercise program often neglect the food aspect of the calorie / calorie balance. Some people even increase the amount of food they eat because they believe they are burning more calories than they really are. The end result - weight gain instead of weight loss!

Several research studies show that it is common for people trying to lose weight to overestimate their physical activity - they believe they have worked longer and harder than they did. People also reduce the amount of food or calories they eat. So the difference between the calories in food and the calories out of exercise is smaller than they think.

Fitness and Overweight

The relationship between weight gain and fitness is a source of confusion and misleading for many people. Some studies have found that a person's fitness level has a greater impact on overall health and disease prevention than excess body fat. While this is an interesting finding, the truth is that in the vast majority of people weight gain and a lack of fitness converge. Weight loss in a holistic manner that includes regular physical activity offers the dual benefits of reducing body fat and improving fitness.

Bottom Line

Exercise is not an effective stand-alone solution for weight loss. Instead, regular exercise and increased activity in your daily routine should be part of a good weight loss program that includes smarter food choices, a positive frame of mind, and a supportive atmosphere. Together, they add to the positive lifestyle changes you can achieve

Live with losing weight and keep it off. Regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health and wellness, as well as to achieve permanent weight loss. Making changes to your daily routine is a simple and effective strategy to increase your physical activity.

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