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Flossing Teeth and Bleeding Gums

When an action results in bleeding, it usually signals us to stray away from doing it again. However, in terms of bleeding gums after flossing; this is usually a sign to pursue flossing even more!

Any dental professional will be eager to tell you that flossing is essential to maintaining a healthy smile. Flossing allows the hard-to-reach crevasses of our teeth, inaccessible by regular brushing, to be cleared out of any bacteria or buildup. 

Flossing Teeth and Bleeding Gums

While this undeniable fact cannot be stressed enough, the truth remains that many Canadians fail to floss enough. It’s typical for many people to experience uncomfortable sensations and bleeding when they finally do floss their teeth. Many people who skip this activity are shocked from the bleeding that occurs during their yearly dental checkup when their teeth are procedurally flossed at the end.

Why the Blood?

Gums are a fundamental part of the oral anatomy. Their soft tissue gently wraps around the teeth covering their roots and acting as a shield to ward off harmful bacteria. Completely healthy gums appear pink in colour, and can withstand flossing without bleeding.

Bleeding gums is a broad phenomenon, the reasons for it could range in severity from trivial to serious. However, it all stems from the same root problem; your teeth and gums are lacking frequent and thorough brushing and flossing! Consequently, the built-up bacteria, plaque, and tartar can fester into troubling circumstances beyond bleeding if neglected over time.

Flossing Teeth and Bleeding Gums

Common among both children and adults who don’t floss effectively is gingivitis. A mild form and the earliest stage of gum disease, it is associated with irritation, inflammation, and a redness of the gums confining the base of the teeth. If not corrected, gingivitis can progress into periodontists. Which can produce not only more severe sensitivity issues, but also result in long-term damage like; gum recession, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

Prevention Methods

While bleeding when flossing is a somewhat common phenomenon, it’s necessary to address it now before it evolves into something more severe. Your gums bleeding after a floss is your body’s way of compelling you to start building and executing a proper oral care routine.

  • Be sure to brush your teeth and gum line twice a day for at least two minutes each.
  • Follow that up with flossing once a day! Brushing only cleans about half your mouth.
  • Take time to ensure you clear out the hard-to-reach crevasses of your teeth, flossing out trapped food particles, bacteria, and plaque.
  • Keep up routine checkups with your dentist.

It’s all about committing to healthy habits. Once this becomes routine, you will surely see less sensitivity, bleeding, and an overall healthier looking gum line over time.

Let Us Check It Out

Like with any concerns regarding your oral health; it’s important to seek professional guidance, granting you with a clearer understanding and steps on moving forward. 

Many people may floss regularly, but may fail to do it correctly without realizing. On the other hand, some people just need a hearty reminder every now and then on the importance of flossing! We would be more than happy to guide you through the process and equip you with all the knowledge we have on tending to your smile in the best way possible.

Flossing Teeth and Bleeding Gums

Please ensure to maintain regular checkups, and do not hesitate to contact a dental professional if you see any gum bleeding or other concerns regarding your teeth and gums!

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