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Five Dock Physio Has a List of Things They Wish You Would and Would Not Do


Five Dock Physio are compassionate and kind individuals who are dedicated to assisting patients in their recovery. Physiotherapists at Incline Health have compiled a list of the top things we'd like you to know that can help you recover faster or prevent injuries from developing in the first place.

Exercise program or practice at home

Physiotherapy is more than just the hands-on treatment you get when you're at our facility. 99% of the time, we'll provide you a home workout regimen that you should follow every day at home. Doing homework and seeking assistance from a physiotherapist will account for the majority of the patient's development. People may spend 1-2 hours in the clinic with us, but it is what they do the rest of the day that matters the most.

Don't put up with your agony until it's too late.

The longer you remain in pain, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. "Pain that lasts more than 2-3 days should be evaluated by a physiotherapist as soon as feasible," says the guideline. The trouble with ignoring discomfort for weeks or months is that you'll begin to move differently and employ less-than-optimal methods. This can alter your brain's motor pattern, leaving you more stuck in your dysfunctional habits and perhaps resulting in damage in other areas.

Your exercises should be filmed or photographed.

"I forgot how to do them," is a typical excuse for poor compliance with a home workout regimen. Okay, fair enough; we all have a lot on our plates and remembering new exercises and proper techniques can be challenging. Today's technology means that every phone has a video or camera, so there are no excuses. Request that your physiotherapist videotape you performing the exercises so that you may review them when you return home and need to complete your program.

Maintain your physical activity.

Exercising and engaging in physical activity is beneficial to your entire health and well-being. In today's culture, when people spend a lot of time sitting, it's important to break up this sedentary time in order to avoid damage from extended postures and lack of weight-bearing. Despite the fact that the advantages of exercise are well established, many people still fail to include 30 minutes of physical activity in their daily routine. Exercise is an excellent way to protect yourself from sickness and should not be overlooked regardless of your age.

Keep a close eye on your posture.

With the surge in the number of desk employees, we're seeing an increase in back and neck discomfort caused by poor posture. Poor workstation layout, extended sitting (8 hours/day), lack of awareness of body posture, or progressive postural changes over time are all factors. Many postural problems may be avoided by following good postural habits, such as utilizing a standing desk when one is available, double-checking your workstation setting, and exercising to break up your sedentary time.


Please take a stroll if you have low back discomfort. This is an old-school way of thinking, yet there is a lot more proof these days that being mobile leads to greater results. A trip to the hospital may be necessary if you are in severe pain (unable to move, severe back spasms). If you can still move around but are in significant discomfort, you should visit a physiotherapist as soon as possible. Patients with back pain are advised not to sit for more than 20-30 minutes at a time, to be active, and to use a hot pack for pain relief as required.

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