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Fitness Technology Trends To Watch Out in 2021

Fitness Technology Trends

Technology advances that develop at a phenomenal rate keep on impacting every part of our lives. They have changed the manner in which individuals communicate, exchange data, tune in to music, order food, shop, and do business. With the passing time, we are noting technology extending its impact into the health and fitness business.

The pandemic has triggered the fitness industry with the growth of technology and the use of wearables and online training. The lockdown pushed the industry to embrace and come up with tech-driven alternatives.

With an astonishing profit of $82.7 billion in recent years, the health and fitness industry grows constantly every year. Furthermore, there’s also been a shift in consumer mindset, and gym-goers have a great curiosity to know about their overall health and wellness. Nowadays, the most common health and fitness technology are available in the form of wearables and applications.

Information is said to be the lifeblood of medicine and health technology is a circulatory system to gain that information!

Keeping in mind the potential of technology in transforming an industry, the health and wellness sector will surely enjoy a greater level of convenience in an incomparable manner. Let’s take a look at some facts and figures that may help you indicate how fitness technology such as wearable and mHealth app developmentis making health and fitness more reliable:

  • In an interview conducted with Club Industry, the assistant manager of the Gold Gym Nick Orlando revealed how wearables have made a great impact in his club. He said that “Members use them to make communities and try to beat others that result in a more efficient workout,” he said.
  • According to a report published by Forbes Magazine, the wearable health and fitness technology industry is growing constantly, with wearables estimated at more than $27 Billion by the end of 2022.
  • An article by Digitalist Magazine stated that there has been a 16% decrease in hospital admissions of heart patients who used to receive messages based on their heart health on their smartphones and fitness trackers.

From the perspective of a supplier like personal trainers and gyms to consumers, technology has brought a shift in the healthcare sector from all aspects. Moreover, if you’ve got a fitness business, you need to know how technology impacts it. With that said, here’s a list of trends in technology that reshape the health and fitness industry for good.

5 Fitness Technology Trends Ensuring Wellness and Healthy Body

When the pandemic threatened humanity, the fitness industry had no option but to pivot online to survive, thus making use of technology to lead a better life. This led both customers and businesses to invest in home fitness. For example, customers started making their home setups more efficient and gyms started providing attractive offers for online memberships. Here’s a list of technological trends liked the most by both gyms and members: 

1. Virtual Fitness

The in-person offering of training and coaching classes has led to an increase in demand for online fitness classes. Thanks to the pandemic that has led to virtual workouts using fitness apps and youtube channels. Virtual training also provides you an option to connect and meet people all around the globe or personalize your preferences according to your goals.

2. Wearables

Wearables can greatly enhance your personal workout sessions like jogging or bike riding. Moreover, if you’re a gym owner, you can use wearables to increase the engagement of your members in your gym. Although your potential customers might struggle to choose between wearables and membership, you need to try convincing them for both. If you are worried about the wearable cost then wearable app development cost can be taken care of if few things like user research, app design, app update, etc. are maintained and thought upon.

3. Fitness Applications

The increasing free apps for workouts help the users to set their fitness goals and do exercises at their time when they are free- be it late night, mid-day, or even during holidays. The fitness apps have also made the brand-customer interaction more convenient and accessible. The gym owners who have apps are trying to reach out to more members and build a strong business relationship with the customers.

4. Virtual Reality

Nowadays, the fitness industry is witnessing a great variety of products trying to tap the virtual reality market. It involves gadgets that allow you to incorporate your workout with an interactive video game, containing inspiring scenarios and goals. Known as Gamification, these virtual-reality-based fitness gadgets are gaining a lot of interest from everyone including both seniors and millennials.

5. Smart Equipment

With cutting-edge technology used to offer real-time workout data, smart fitness equipment will continue to grow popular in the health and fitness industry. It has several practical applications such as machines that analyze a user’s techniques to provide suggestions, and weight-training equipment that offer an automatic spot to users who struggle completing a rep.

In Conclusion

The five technologies stated above are destined to take the health and fitness industry to a whole new level. Not only to consumers, but the technological evolutions also help businesses to gain a slew of opportunities and maximize their profits. All you need to do is find the right technology and implement it in your health and fitness vertical to make things more convenient and easier; just likehealth app development is increasing the adoption rate into the healthcare industry.

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