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First Time Seeing Psychiatrists in Louisville?
Here’s Everything You Need to Know


When it's your first time seeing a psychiatrist, you may be a little nervous. You will tend to feel stressed and out of control, especially as you are unaware of what to expect. However, you need not worry. By taking time to understand what happens in a psychiatrist's office, you can help keep your anxiety down. While different psychiatrists in Louisville ky will have slightly different schedules, here is what to expect on your first visit. The same procedure happens for those seeking the services of therapist Louisville Ky. Read on to learn more. 

Before the Psychiatric Appointment

It is okay to feel frozen or confused in your first meeting. To avoid forgetting the most important detail of your disease or problem, make sure you write them down. Here are the tips for the first meeting.

Tips for the First Visit

  • Write all the symptoms you have down to ensure you don't forget anything.
  • Carry any mental health or medical records you think is important
  • Also, if you are currently using any medications, make sure you bring them or their names to the therapist Louisville ky.
  • If you think that a family member or a friend can give a unique view of your condition and help relax you, it is okay to ask them to accompany you. 
  • Do not be afraid to ask your psychiatrist a question about any treatment or diagnosis. 

First psychiatrist appointment

The first appointment with most psychiatrists in Louisville KY is often based on the first evaluation. It happens after the psychiatrist has had enough time to know you and understand the difficulties that you are going through.

The appointment duration may vary from one therapist Louisville ky to the next, but expect yours to last 40-60 minutes. During the meeting, your psychiatrist will ask you all the issues you are suffering from and how they affect you.

They will also ask you to shed more light on the symptoms you feel and how you cope with them. The psychiatrist will also want you to tell them if you have any medical condition or have seen another psychiatrist in the past.

Expect the mental health professional also to ask you about your family health history. They will also want to know the current medications and any psychiatric condition you might have suffered in the past.

After going through a physical exam with your psychiatrist, they will plan to treat you. If it is not within their field, they will not hesitate to recommend a particular therapist. Sometimes, the doctors will order a series of tests to pinpoint the cause of your mental condition. They may even schedule another meeting to check the plan's progress and if there are any improvements in your symptoms.


If you are a new patient, your psychiatrist will ask you to fill out some forms before assessing. These enable the doctor to do the diagnosis. The majority of the time during the diagnosis will involve your psychiatrist talking to you. The conversation will focus on the issues you experience now and in the past. The doctor wants to know you better and understand your reasons for seeking treatment. 

Early preparation is critical to enabling you to answer the questions in a detailed manner. Feel free to communicate your feelings and provide any information that might help in your treatment. Make sure you provide records of current or past psychiatric care, if any. It would be best to be forthcoming with any information about relevant medical care, family history of any psychiatric issues, and a list of past and present medications. The information that the doctor collects during this stage will enable them to do a more accurate diagnosis.

Treatment plan

Most psychiatrists in Louisville will give you a medication management treatment to manage your condition. They will discuss the treatment options with you after the session. The treatment plan may consist of various methodologies. These include a mixture of therapies that suit your health needs and medication options. A therapist Louisville ky may give you the care and treatment you need or may even refer you to a more qualified health expert.

The psychiatrist will discuss extensively the level of care needed for your case. When they eventually decide to put you on medication, the doctor will base this on many factors, one of which is your symptoms. The doctor may prescribe medications for your specific symptoms. 

In some cases, the doctor will order lab tests or procedures before they put you on drugs. Also, they may order tests to rule out certain issues or medications that may be contributing to the symptoms. 

What about confidentiality?

Like other doctors, psychiatrists in Louisville KY are bound by their code of conduct to treat anything you tell them with the utmost confidentiality. However, they can share this information with other professionals in medical circles for your treatment.

Sometimes, your psychiatrist might suggest that you involve other family members in your treatment. But before they do this, they have to talk it out with you first. 

There are also instances where the law requires a psychiatrist to reveal your medical information to others. In general, before they do, they will share with you first.

What next?

The appointments that follow your first visit will typically be shorter. The sessions after the first will focus on looking at the progress you are making and adjusting treatments. 

If the treatment involves talking therapies, expect to visit your psychiatrist more regularly.

In some instances, your psychiatrist may refer you to see your general physician for regular checkups. Also, they could organize for you a social worker, psychologist, or another therapist Louisville KY to see for your complete treatment.


To ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible, make sure you prepare adequately before your first appointment with your psychiatrist. It would be best if you did not fear getting help because you feel anxious about the meeting. This article lists what happens when you visit a psychiatrist for the first time and all the preparation you need to do. Hopefully, these will help you feel relaxed and approach the appointment much more courageously. 

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