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How First Aid Training Can Lift Your Business

First Aid Training

First aid training is beneficial for employers and their workers. This can be easily understood if we take a quick look at some of these important figures.

Numbers Speak

In the US alone 4.3 million workplace injuries resulted in 1.3 million days away from work, in the year 2004. This cost the United States economy more than 142 billion dollars.

These numbers can be reduced considerably if employees are equipped with first aid training.

Employers are morally and legally obligated to provide a safe and secure workplace to their employees. First aid training varies with the industry, number of employees and accessibility to a hospital or medical clinic.

Offering the first aid training can provide many benefits, I will try to explain a few of them in this article.

Reduce Workplace Accidents

Workplaces can pose several varieties of risk whether it is a low-hazard or high-hazard environment. Shock, burns, bleeding and distress are some of the most common workplace emergencies.

Trained workers become more aware of safety hazards and dangers around them. This creates a safety culture in the company which lifts the overall health of the workplace.

A first aid trained individual can save precious lives. An employee who knows how to use a first aid kit can make a real difference during a medical emergency.


More than 60 billion dollars are paid by US companies each year because of workplace injuries.

If the workplace does not have any employee prepared to handle these injuries, the patient is left unattended and its condition may get worse waiting for professional help. Situations like these result in hefty medical bills and low productivity.

Anyone with a good business sense will be ready to make this small investment and ultimately avoid the big checks.

Positive Work Environment

First aid training gives a chance for employees to learn something together. Through this exercise they get to know each other better and this builds a healthy relationship between them. Other than that, it is a positive feeling when you know your fellow worker is going to step up when you need their help.

A Lifesaving Skill

First aid training is just as useful outside the workplace too. It teaches employees how to remain calm during an emergency and how to use first aid tools. Using these skills, a person can save precious lives while being at home or during travel.

Employees Feel Valued

An employee who feels valued is willing to give his best for the company. Lack of appreciation is one of the top reasons for resignations. By arranging first aid training sessions, the company gives out a message that it values the health and well-being of its staff.

This will also generate a good reputation for the organization among its customers and general public.

More frequent accidents at a certain workplace have demoralized workers. This means less productivity, hefty amounts paid in compensations, medical bills and constant replacement of employees.

Requirements for First Aid Program

Every employer is responsible to access the workplace so that there is a clear idea of what type of injuries can occur and where they are most likely to happen.

It also includes having knowledge of the exact location of a nearby medical facility and how fast this facility can respond to an emergency call.

Employees must have clear knowledge of all the emergency phone numbers, this information must be kept with the first aid supply or can be displayed somewhere visible and accessible.

If the situation arises, employees should be trained to keep calm and make this vital call without any delay, because as we all know that even a few seconds can be fatal for someone in these special circumstances.

Also, being in charge you have to make sure the availability of first aid supplies. If the workplace operates in shifts, it is important to make sure that there are first aid trained employees in every shift.

The first aid course cannot be considered complete without a detailed discussion about hazards, escapes and inspections.


If you are an employer and people working with you have not yet received their first aid training, you might consider arranging it as early as possible.

This will help your reputation, strengthen you financially and help you create a positive work environment.

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