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Finding Your Mind with Your High

Marijuana products are extremely popular in countries all over the world for multiple reasons. Some people consume cannabis to help them deal with physical and mental issues. There has been plenty of evidence proving that people have been using marijuana for over three thousand years for medicinal purposes. However, not everybody consumes pot to help with things like chronic pain or anxiety. 

As we all know, lots of people use cannabis for recreational purposes. Those who use it frequently claim the product makes everything feel better. From watching a television show to socializing with friends, there are all types of situations consuming marijuana is so popular. Others consume it to find out what is going on in their heads. Some regular marijuana users claim that cannabis grown from Sativa plants opens their minds and allows them to find out in-depth their thoughts and feelings.

In recent years, it seems more countries and states throughout America have changed their marijuana. There are more areas now legalizing the sale of cannabis products for both medicinal and recreational purposes. These new laws allow those who use marijuana to enjoy the substance without having to consume it in fear of getting caught. This makes it a more pleasant experience, especially if you are trying to find your mind while you are high. 

What type of Setting is Ideal to find your Mind while you are High?

Being in a relaxed state and a relaxed environment will help you find your mind while you are high. If you are planning on getting high indoors, find a room that is silent, that allows very little sound in. If there is a window with a nice view it could help, as long as you are staring at something peaceful. Lighting is also important to help set the mode, so avoid rooms that use big, bright white lights. Perhaps consider listening to music with very little or no lyrics so you can concentrate on yourself. If you plan on sitting on the ground, consider using a yoga mat or something similar to make sure you are comfortable. If you intend on sitting on a chair, one with lots of cozy cushions is ideal, however, be careful that it's not too comfortable in case you fall asleep.

If you are thinking about going outdoors, find an area that is peaceful. An empty beach where you can listen to the sound of the sea would be perfect. If the coast is not an option, a forest or a quiet park will also work. 

Be aware of what you are Putting in Your Head

It is vital when trying to understand your mind that you remove any negative feelings or emotions first. Both negative self-talk and feelings of fear should be completely removed from your thoughts, and consuming marijuana can help you get to this stage.

The reason why this is so critical is that it can help break down your belief system. Even if you don’t believe in God or a higher power, there are things that you need to believe in. For example, what do you believe about going to work? Do you feel it's hard? If so, your mind will believe that it is hard and then act on those emotions. What about the way you feel about your spouse or partner? Those beliefs will affect the way you treat others around you. 

These are just a few examples of the way things can affect the way you feel and do things. This is why your head must be completely free of these thoughts if you want to find your mind. 

Allow yourself to Feel Successful

Many of us find it difficult to find our mind because we often don’t feel successful. You might be thinking, “I’ll be happy when I am $10,000 richer”, or “everything will be fine when I lose 10 pounds”. It seems these thoughts are never-ending, yet few people ever ask themselves “why not be happy now?”.

These feelings hinge on our happiness and can affect the way we grow and develop. Having these negative thoughts, that you are miserable now however in the future things might be better once you have achieved these things is a bad mindset. 

Don’t fear the idea of being happy, and try and believe that your life at the present moment is good. Of course, your life could be better, but try to keep in mind that our mind feeds on both negative and positive energy. This energy affects everything and everyone around us. 


The most obvious method of consuming cannabis is by smoking a joint. A joint is normally ground cannabis rolled inside specific cannabis rolling papers. However, lots of people don’t like the idea of smoking, so there are plenty of alternatives. Legal cannabis stores, both online and physical stores have a wide array of products that allow people to consume cannabis differently. For more information, Visit Canna Sweets.

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