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Tips and Tricks for Finding Weed Dispensaries Easily

Finding Weed Dispensaries

Sometimes it’s a little tricky to find recreational marijuana dispensaries, and that is especially going to depend on what part of the world (or even some parts of the United States and the rest of the Western World) that you happen to live in.

A lot of this has to do with the more recent legalization of the controlled substances, as brick and mortar stores will generally not be able to make themselves super obvious except for in very progressive cities like Los Angeles. So what is a recreational marijuana enthusiast to do?

Especially when you’re visiting a new area, finding that “dispensary near me open” is probably going to be much more difficult that you’re used to. So what is going to help you find that “dispensary near me open” without constantly having to make searches online?

That “dispensary near me open” may be closer than you think, especially if you’re willing to take a look around and explore your city or the areas you happen to be visiting. Are there any telltale signs? How can you tell if that “dispensary near me open” is legitimate? And how can you skip all the stress? Read on to learn more!

Check Out Legitimacy Websites Available in Your State

Some of the states in the United States of America that have legalized recreational marijuana also have available resources for concerned customers. For example, California has all registered and legitimate dispensaries listed on for the convenience and safety of California’s residents.

If this is a resource that is available to you, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take advantage of these kinds of tools. This can also help you to ensure your safety when you’re making purchases, at least to a degree.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Peak Inside

If you’re in a new place, it doesn’t hurt to walk around your neighborhood and the surrounding popular shopping and retail areas nearby. If you do this, especially in some of the more progressive parts of the world, you might be surprised at what you find.

If you take a look inside of the stores, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly what each storefront sells. Because of that, you’ll also be able to tell almost immediately if a brick and mortar store is actually a reputable dispensary that you can trust.

You’ll most likely be intercepted by some kind of security who checks for your ID to make sure you’re of legal age, and you’ll also see a lot of marijuana and matching paraphernalia on the walls, shelves, or counters.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to shop around like you would at a regular retail store, as cashiers will occasionally be the only personnel with direct access to the entirety of the store’s stock. Don’t let that scare you from asking for what you want, though.

Don’t Want to Worry About it? Just Use a Delivery Service

If the idea of interacting with other people at that “dispensary near me open” is anxiety inducing, is something you don’t have the energy for, or just isn’t convenient enough for your schedule, let yourself relax a little bit and look into weed delivery services.

Weed delivery services actually do exist, and they can take a lot of the hassle away from you needing to figure out whether or not there are legal dispensaries around your current location. However, these services will frequently use these dispensaries for their stock, meaning they’ll receive your order, go shopping at these stores, and then send you your order.

That means that you can still support the local dispensaries in your area if that’s something that you care about, even if you don’t currently have the ability to make it out of your home and get all the way to the physical dispensary.

This can also be very convenient, as you’re often able to schedule your delivery based off of when you’ll actually be available and at home (or your other preferred pickup points).

Look for the Green Cross

Similar to the red cross that hospitals and medical facilities will use to signal the presence of medical help and knowledge, dispensaries will use the image of the green cross in order to indicate what they’re selling on the inside of the store.

This is a handy little symbol, especially if you’re just out and about and looking around at different retail stores. If you aren’t interested in taking a peak into every store you don’t recognize in your area, the green cross is also going to be a pretty solid tell that a particular business deals in recreational marijuana.

Find Puns and Play on Words

For some reason, small business owners of dispensaries have a taste for puns and play on words. Many of the names of dispensaries will make a subtle point toward plants and kinds of greenery, as well as some medical terminology. Some of the best of these will also have a combination of the two, which can bring you a little bit of joy as well as point you in the right direction.

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