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How to Find a Good Sex Shop
or Adult Store in Chicago?

Sex Shop

Sexual fantasies are often repressed until explored. You could believe you are the “vanilla” kind until you get access to the world of adult sex toys that can turn your world around. If you are in Chicago and have been looking for reliable sex shops in Chicago, it is likely you won’t find one right off the bat.

Some shops are available right on the street, and a few precious gems are hidden away from the prying eyes. Whatever it be, there are quite a few fantastic adult stores in the city, and we are here to help you find them. For the best stores, check out this list of the best sex shops in Maxiwand.

We have sorted out a few factors that you need to check while looking for adult stores.

How to Find the Best Adult Stores in Chicago?

Ask Your Friends

You can’t get a better idea about things around you unless you ask your friends. If you have or know a friend who is buying sex toys and visiting adult stores, ask them for help. Make sure that you always cross-verify the location and the authenticity of the products from them.

The last thing you want is to end up visiting a pretty shady part of the town to find a few dildos or vibrators. Getting products from reliable brands is extremely important as they are practically used in your private parts for your pleasure.

That said, getting the addresses from friends ensures reliability and sometimes even lands you discounts if they have a good rapport with the owner.

Look for Sex Shops Online

Chicago may have hundreds of sex stores around the city, much like how search engine results show.

But, if you are not comfortable buying it directly from the store, ordering them from the same shop online is a feasible option. It reduces the risks of running into someone you know and being faced with an embarrassing situation.

Always prioritize your comfort with buying toys for pleasure. So, if you want to support a local business, check their contact details online and give them a ring. If they have an online store, place the order there. Or, in case they do deliver right to your doorstep, you can opt for that too.

Engage on Forums

Adult forums are not a thing of the past. If you look deeper into the web, you will find several online chatrooms and forums that deal with adult conversations. If it is from your city, that is Chicago; you can ask the participants for referrals.

It is a fantastic way to get to know more about adult sex shops and even support local businesses in the process. It would help if you always cross-checked the stores' authenticity instead of randomly showing up there after blindly trusting someone online.

Check Review Websites

Another right place to get better guidance with finding a good adult store near Chicago is by checking adult review websites or blogs about sex. These contain a list of businesses around you based on how good the quality of the products is. I found blog posts listing the best adult shops for women on, and others listing the best sex toys for men on So, they are rated based on customer reviews and ratings.

It suggests that the good ones are at the top, and the quality degrades as you scroll down. It also allows you to check on the reviews and what individual buyers are saying about the products. I found in the past 4 years there had been a boost in popularity for bloggers to create these types of sex blogs, like this one or this website,

For our readers that are in Australia, in Canada or in the UK, I found these adult blogs called Finderr Canada, and Finderr UK.


In case you are interested in buying good quality sex toys from the stores in Chicago, keep the above points in mind. It is essential, especially if you don't want to compromise on the product's quality. Being vigilant about the authenticity of the stores is extremely important.

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