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Some Famous Italian Food That You
Absolutely Should Try

Italian Food

There are a lot of restaurants nowadays, but it's an important thing to know what food you must try. There are so many variations in Italian foods too, but it is difficult for anybody to tell which is the best Italian dish. Because there are so many functional foods, and it is confusing also. A Best Italian Chef is the only one who could give you the proper taste of Italian cuisine. Besides Italian food, if you want to have a coffee, then you should go to Piccolo Cafe because they make the best coffee in the whole town.

Most of the time when people visit Italy, they become confused about what to east and what will be the best. That is why I am here to help you with that today.

  • Italian Pizza: pizza was first made Napel, but it has a lot of variation now. There are a lot of types of pizza. And the Italian one is one of the best looking and best-tasting pizza ever. And you must try it if you ever been to Italy. There you will find a different taste in their pizza. Without tasting an Italian pizza, your tour in Italy will never be complete. I know today there are a lot of excellent pizzas all around the world, but if you are a food-loving person, you should try this Italian pizza. If you want to taste a pure and great pizza, you will find that in Italy.
  • Baked Lasagna: in every corner of Italy you will find food shop and fresh pasta is in the fame around Italy. They make excellent types of pasta, and you will never be able to forget the taste if you once try this. And if you go to some popular and famous restaurant, they have a special recipe for Italian pasta. In Italy, you will find some of the richest and attractive kitchen in the world. Vincisgraai Is a traditional name of lasagna, and it is very famous in the Marche region. It is so great because you can tell the chef to add the things that you love to eat.
  • Spaghetti Carbonara: it is yet another food that is famous in Italy, not just in Italy but also around the whole world. People love this food because there is eggs, cheese, milk cream etc. the recipe for this food has changed over the year. Different types of people prefer different types of flavour. 
  • Italian Pesto: if you want to know about the origin of this food, there is a lot of confusion around it. But this is sure that it was born in Italy. Many people say that it was the food from the nineteenth century because there is some written evidence of that. The recipe is confusing too, and different countries chef use different methods for making pesto. Traditional pesto is not dry food, but there are also some ways to make dry pesto. Many people prefer dry pesto over the traditional one.
  • Ravioli and Agnolotti: last but not least, Ravioli and Agnolotti are one of the famous food that you should try at least once. It is food that is made with meat, chard, tomato sauce and borage. You can also add various types of vegetables as your liking. It is a food that was born in the Italian region at the end of the nineteenth century. The recipe may have changed over the years, but the taste of the food isn't changing a bit.
Italian Food

Those were some of the best Italian food that you should at least try once. Pair it with calabrian wine to make it more special. Believe me; you will love those foods.

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