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Fall In Love With Og Kush Strain

OG Kush is an indica dominating strain that is pungent, famously in demand, and expensive. It is widely regarded as a significant best-seller all over the world. Its distinct flavor, combined with the potency of its effects, ensures a bomb high. OG Kush gives even the most experienced smokers a strong buzz, attributable to its higher-than-average THC contents.


Indoor Yield

Outdoor Yield

Flowering Period

25% / 75%

17 ounces per square meter

16 ounces or more per plant

8 – 9 weeks indoors, early-October outdoors.

Several myths and stories surround OG Kush, owing to its disputed heritage and origin. Rumour has it that the "OG" in its name refers to the once-dominant global grow-site OverGrown, which was notably shut down by Canadian police in 2006. Other stories claim that its name is a homage to the California strain Original Gangster.

About the OG Kush Strain

The most credible comment regarding this strain's origin is a hybrid between the legendary Chemdawg strain and a rare Old World Paki Kush. In terms of its name, it has been noticed that OG appears to stand for "Ocean Grown," but it could also just mean "Original."

Information About the OG Kush Strain:


Chemdawg Crossed with Old World Paki Kush


Relaxed – 10

Happy – 9

Euphoric – 8

Uplifted – 7

Hungry – 5


Lemon, Sour, Earthy, Pine


Earthy, Pine, Spicy, Herbal, Woody


Dry Mouth – 10

Dry Eyes – 6

Dizzy – 4

Paranoid – 3

Headache – 2


Stress – 10

Pain – 8

Depression – 8

Insomnia – 6

Headaches – 5


8-9 Weeks


Early October


Low but Dense






75% / 25%


17 ounces per square meter


16 ounces or more per plant


Hot and Tropical




Susceptible to Powdery Mildew, Low Resistance to Bugs and Disease

OG Kush Effects

OG Kush is a potent indica-dominant strain. It produces a sedative mental haze that can lead to couch-lock, especially at high doses.

OG Kush is a potent sedative frequently used to generate a relaxed state with a persistent mood of happiness and joy. Its uplifting pleasure makes it an excellent tool for unwinding after a long and challenging workday.

While under the influence of OG Kush, users have reported feeling stuck and spaced out. It is also known to cause a feeling of hunger, generating "munchies" and boosting flavors and the desire to eat.

OG Kush Strain Fragrance

OG Kush autoflower is well-known for its spicy, earthy flavor. The fragrance indicates that the buds are sticky and high in resin. It has undertones of lemon and an overall citrus scent. Some people claim that a plant makes its surroundings smell like a pine forest, which strongly indicates how pungent and distinct OG Kush is.

Appearance OG Kush Strain

Most people would agree that OG Kush has a "typical cannabis" appearance, with the characteristic yellow-green sugar leaf hue, orange pistils, and green, sometimes sage-shaded water leaves.

Flavors of the OG Kush Strain

OG Kush tastes fresh and earthy, much like its smell. Its distinct woody flavor is tinged with spice and has been described as tasting like something put on the grill. Its sweet notes are prominent, and when combined with the lemon-lime citrus notes, it creates a unique mixture, which explains why it has remained popular throughout the years.

Adverse Reactions

High levels of THC have resulted in OG Kush being a potent strain with surprisingly mild side effects. The common dry-mouth issue is present here, as it is in most significant strains and is typically followed by a dry-eye sensation.

Other side effects include minor dizziness and fatigue, which commonly occur in persons who are not used to the strength of the high. Some people have reported mild anxiety and psychosis with OG Kush, while others have reported a minor headache, though both are unusual.


OG Kush is a popular strain for treating various ailments due to its consistent potency and high THC levels. It can provide profound muscular relaxation and long-term relief from headaches, migraines, and nausea.

Because of its potential to generate tranquil relaxation is prevalent among persons suffering from anxiety and depression. Insomnia and restlessness are also easily treated with the use of OG Kush.

According to legend, it has increased in popularity among gang members due to its high CBD content, which can assist relieve physical pain caused by gunshot wounds. Whether or not that is true, OG Kush is a potent pain reliever for a wide range of physical and mental aches and pains.

Growing OG Kush Strain

You can buy cannabis seeds of OG Kush, but it can be tough to produce and cultivate adds to its premium price. Due to its limited resilience, it is slightly sensitive and prone to powdery mildew. It can also be a victim of bugs and disease.

OG Kush grows best in precisely adjusted environments, and if kept outside, it should be exposed to a hot and tropical climate to boost development.

Flowering Time

According to i49, OG Kush may yield 17 ounces per square meters when cultivated indoors and in a regulated microclimate, with a expected flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

OG Kush may generate approximately 16 ounces per plant when well managed and grown outdoors. It will be ready for harvest in early October.


  • Chemdawg
  • Old World Paki Kush

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this OG Kush review to be fun and valuable. OG Kush is a primary hitter in the world of recreational and medical marijuana usage, and if you haven't tasted it before, you should make it a priority.

If you live in a "weed-friendly" state like Colorado, California, or Washington, the strain should be pretty easy to find. For those who live elsewhere in the United States, the glorious high of OG Kush should be on your cannabis bucket list as you travel the country looking for the perfect high.

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