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Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial

Eyebrow Shaping

Gone are the days when men prided themselves on their bushy eyebrows. Today’s men, the metrosexual males, invest their time and money in grooming themselves. One of the main features, they take care of the most, is their eyebrow shapes. Eyebrows are important because they top and complement the rest of your facial features. Simply looking up ‘microblading near me’ or ‘local microblading stores’ on Google can give you a list of prospective shops for you to visit. And check out Erabelle, one of the best eyebrow embroidery salons in Singapore:

So, if you want to make sure that your eyebrows look their best, here is a special eyebrow shaping tutorial for you.

  1. Before you start any of the steps in this eyebrow shaping tutorial, take a good look at your eyebrows and face. Consider which shape will suit your face’s bone structure and complement the rest of your features. You can use our guides and tips to decide.
  2. To start with shaping your eyebrows, wash them with gentle soap and warm water. This step will help the rest of this eyebrow shaping tutorial be less painful for you. Warm water will open up hair follicles and soften the hair to allow you to extract it easily. If your eyebrows are too coarse or unruly, make sure to dab them with hair conditioner to turn them soft.
  3. Using a pair of scissors, or an electric trimmer, cut and shapes the unruly hairs of your eyebrows. To make sure that this step, and others in this eyebrow shaping tutorial, are perfect and accurate, use a lighted mirror with magnification.
  4. If you want to get perfect eyebrows, you can always buy an eyebrow template from a beauty supply store or a drug store. Templates will save you time as you implement this eyebrow shaping tutorial and will ensure you better results. While using a template, make sure to work from the bottom of your brow up. However, you can save a few minutes by using the template to wax or shave the edges of your brows.
  5. If you want to enjoy perfect eyebrows for a very long, you need to implement this eyebrow shaping tutorial with a brow-waxing kit. Place warm wax under and between your brows, press a cloth strip onto the sticky concoction, and then remove it quickly.
  6. Now, to shape your eyebrows the way you want, simply use a razor and shaving cream. But, make sure to take a lot of care while implementing this step. You need to keep a margin of error just in case you end up shaving extra from your eyebrows.
  7. The last step of this eyebrow shaping tutorial is to moisturize your eyebrows with aloe vera or vitamin E. This way you won’t suffer from ingrown hairs.

After you are done with this eyebrow shaping tutorial, you can bet that every woman’s eyes will be on you. Just make sure that you don’t have a jealous girlfriend around.

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