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Explaining the Impact of COVID-19 on the World

United States is preparing itself for the COVID-19 recovery. But first, the policymakers need to understand the condition of various cities and communities which are more vulnerable to the economic crisis.

There is no doubt that 2020 will be defined in history as the year of the coronavirus pandemic. It is far most the worst pandemic the world has ever seen in 100 users. The stats are really shocking: about 75 million cases and 1.6 million deaths worldwide. Many companies have introduced their vaccines like Moderna, Pfizer, etc. But still, it has affected the life of every person on the planet. It has changed every aspect of life, from school and works to everyday life like wardrobes, buying groceries, etc.

In this article, we will discuss its impact on the world.

New Words and Phrases

There is doubt that new words and phrases entered in 2020. There are terms like “social distance” and “flatten the curve,” which are new for the common people. But now, these new phrases are on the lips of every person. There are some other terms that became familiar, like “basic reproduction number,” or the number of people infected by a single person. World Health Organization named the disease of FEB 11 “COVID-19”, a new word entered into the general lexicon.


Another new thing that is now a fashion in 2021 has added to the wardrobe of every person. It is a small piece of cloth that you put around your face called a face mask.

Before 2020, the face mask was not very common with a common person. Medical professionals mostly wore it. In 2020, we faced a huge short supply of medical masks, which encouraged communities to make homemade masks. Right after that, clothing retailers and companies got on board, adding some fashion to the masks. In many parts of the world, you are not allowed to go outside without wearing a mask.

COVID-19 has also affected world trade; you can easily check the trade graph caused by a coronavirus. Moreover, the deadly virus has injured the global remittances flow to fall back. It is a big concern for third-world countries as most of these economies rely on foreign remittances.


There’s no doubt that COVID also caused mental health issues. A study published in August 2020 by CDC found that suicidal thought, depression, and anxiety levels amid the pandemic. However, the study was unable to find the actual reason behind the mental health conditions. But we can assume that things like unemployment, school closure, and social isolation are the main causes.


We have also seen that during the pandemic, average alcohol consumption increased by 14%. Most of the people who live in Isolation pass their time watching TV and drinking alcohol. It is also true that heavy drinking can cause serious mental health problems. A study also shows that the number of people suffering from obesity has also increased during the year 2020 and still increasing in 2021.

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