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Five Exotic Foods You Should Try in UK

Have you been a travel freak and always had the lure to explore new things in new places? Have you ever been to the UK and still haven’t had experience of some amazing foods that you might have been in your vicinity from ages! If you love reading about the history of different nations and the culture and ethnicity of those nations, you should definitely opt for food as it is the only thing you can find in your own country as well. For making it easy for people living in or nearby the UK, here I would talk about some exotic foods that I think one must take out time and get the chance to enjoy the foreign essence.

1. Irani Caviar

One of the oldest caviar being consumed from the ages by Russian Tsars, Turkish Sultans, and Persian Shahs possess a unique quality and texture with tempting aroma. Interestingly, this sturgeon fish is as old as 250 million years! 

This fish egg roe is not only famous for its royalty, but rather it has rich nutrient content which makes it even worth consuming! It includes immense health benefits as it has vitamins and minerals in abundant quantities. This true gem caught from the Caspian Sea is processed in a variety of roses. For instance: Sevruga, Beluga, Osetra and some others have been loved for thousands of years. In the UK you can find this luxury item and its incredible variety at Caspian Monarque where you can easily Buy Caviar. If you really indulge yourself in the delightful flavor of these edible royal pearls of Caspian Sea, then go and Buy Caviar UK.

2. Pakistani Nihari

A delicious soup and curry like brown dish, made from beef or lamb, or sometimes chicken as well is Pakistan's one of the most consumed and loved dishes. Nihari's history can be recorded from the 18th century when it originated during the era of Mughals in the Indian subcontinent. Amazingly, they used to eat it early in the morning as breakfast! Pakistani food has a distinct taste and you'll surely love it's soupy texture and scrumptious spices complimented with fried onions, ginger, lemon, and coriander leaves. In the UK, Lahori Nihari is the famous place where people (especially Pakistani) are found to enjoy their national feast, especially on their Holy day of the week - Fridays. You can find a variety of Pakistani mouthwatering dishes there and get to know their taste. 

3. Japanese Tsukemono

There are also multiple online shops where you can find Japanese pickles. In Japanese - 漬物, which defines as "pickled things" are special Chinese pickles in which vegetables are used. The vegetables are pickled in brine, nuka (bed of rice bran), or salt. It has its unique fragrance, due to which it is also sometimes called as Kounomono, and can be written as 香の物.

4. Tom Yum Goong

The Thai word goong here refers to "Shrimps" - as suggestive, this recipe is much about shrimps! Although, it can also be made with other sea foods, for an instance, Squid or other mixed seafood items. It's a hot and sour soup with a load of shrimps in it and has a very appealing Thai flavor and it simply tastes great! In the UK, despite other Thai restaurants, there is also the one with the name given after this soup "Tom Yum Goong".

5. Afghani Bolani

One of the most different kinds of bread recipes in Afghanistan is "Bolani" which is also famous as Periki in pashto language. If you are a vegetarian, here is a treat for you! The flat-bread is stuffed with a variety of vegetables and is served with yogurt - either plan or minty, which intensifies its already delicious taste. This dish can be experienced at any Afghani restaurant in your vicinity. If you're nearby Bamyan Afghan Cuisine, you'll definitely find a great deal of taste.

Nevertheless, there are tremendous more dishes from these and other countries which I haven’t mentioned here and are undoubtedly worth tasting. These signature dishes are at their best! Enjoy your weekends by pulling up your car at the door of these finest places where you can be served with immensely delicious and unique food items. Have a happy tasting!

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