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7 Best Exercises for Boosting Every Aspect
of Your Basketball Game

Basketball still demands physical fitness. Yes, your height and arms contribute to your performance, but you have to be quick and powerful. Exercising gives you the strength to attack and defend in the game. Also, Considering the nature of the court, you have to exercise to keep off the injuries. For instance, lack of training exposes you to injuries, including Chronic back complications, sprained ankles, and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Although a basketball exercise guide can help from Make Shots blog articles, much is needed in some cases.

This blog will discuss the Seven best exercises that will give you strength for acting faster in court. Performing these movements will also reduce the risks of injuries while in court.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunges focus on your balance, stability, and strength. The exercise targets the hips muscles making you stronger. Performing lateral lunges also helps in losing weight and strengthening the back muscles. The exercise is useful when you perform with or without weight materials.

How to Perform Lateral Lunges

In your standing position, make the right step and move your body weight to the right foot. At this point, your left leg should be straight. Squat your right leg, then return to normal body position. Repeat the process for 15 reps or more and then switch to the left side for a complete set. When doing this exercise, remember to hold on for at least 3 seconds in the reps to feel the movements.

Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge is also known as Hip raises. The exercise targets your glutes, abs, and hamstring. The Glute bridge makes the gluteus muscles and hamstrings strong. Performing this exercise in the right way improves your jumping and makes you move swiftly in the court.

How to do Glute Bridge

Lie on the floor with your face up. Your hands should be on your sides. Bend your knees up to 90 degrees, leaving your feet on the flow. With your hips raised, bring down your belly and ensure your lower back does not touch the floor. At this point, only your feet and shoulders should be on the floor. After performing one rep, hold on for 15 seconds or more before doing other reps. Repeat the process for 10 reps or more to complete one set. You can perform a maximum of three or four sets to feel the movements. To achieve the exercise well, your hips should be in line with the shoulders and the knees. Raising the hips too high can cause straining on your lower back which can result in pain.

Physioball Leg Curl

Physioball leg curl also improves your jump and movement. The exercise also targets to strengthen your hamstrings.

How to Do Physio Ball leg curl

Lie on the floor facing up with your legs straight. At this point, your heels should be on the physioball. Ensure your hips are in line with the shoulders before starting the exercise. With your hips raised up, curl the heels towards your butt. Hold on for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat the procedure for at least 10 to 15 reps to complete one set. To feel the movements, you should ensure your hips remain raised throughout the exercise.

Lateral Bound

The exercise targets your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Lateral bounds give you lateral strength in the legs for easy movements in the court. Typically. The practice involves hoping to from one leg to another. To feel the exercise, you are supposed to leap and cover quite a distance from one foot to another. The combination of activities, including cardiovascular and plyometrics, make the lateral bounds effective. Since Basketball requires lateral power, lateral bound should not miss in your workout routine. Apart from strength, agility, and power, lateral bounds also improve your balance.

How to Perform Lateral Bound

Start by standing on your right foot. At this point, only your left foot should touch the ground. Lower your body as if you want to squat and jump to the left using your right foot. After landing, hold on as you maintain your balance for 5 seconds. Now, repeat the procedure using the left foot. However, this time you will move to the right. If you maintain your balance and land, hold on for 5 seconds before switching the legs. Perform more bounds as you can to feel the intensity of the exercise. You can decide the number of reps you will perform. Ensure you rest for a maximum of two minutes to effectively do the lateral sets.

The Romanian Deadlift

When performed correctly, the Romanian deadlift strengthens the glute, hamstrings, and lower back. In the court, the exercise increases your jumping ability and makes your legs more powerful. The Romanian Deadlift has various advantages, including reducing the risk of getting injured in the court.

How to Perform the Romanian Deadlift

Start by standing with your feet close to one meter apart. Grab the barbell or dumbbell and lift up your hip region. Before you lift the weight, ensure your shoulders are curved outwards. Move your hips backward when lowering the weight while ensuring your back remains straight. Move your hips forward while attaining a straight standing posture with the barbell in your hip region. After returning to the standing position, repeat the moves for 10 reps or more to feel the exercise's intensity.

Alternating Dumbbell Press

Alternating dumbbell press targets the chest, delt, and triceps muscles when performed. Developed delts make your shoulders more stable for explosive jump shots in the court.

How to Perform Alternating Dumbbell press

Lie on the bench with your face upholding dumbbells in both hands. Lift one arm straight over your chest, ensuring the dumbbell and the shoulders are not in line. Keep the other arm low while raising the other one to effectively trigger the targeted muscles. Perform at least 10 reps with one arm and switch to the other with the same agents to complete one set. Go for two to three sets to feel the exercise.


Well performed pull-ups strengthen your back, shoulders, and wrist. These regions are essential for jump shots in the court.

How to do Pull-Ups

Hang on a bar with your hands close to one meter apart. Your pals can face you or the other side depending on how you want to do the exercise. Move your shoulders backward, then lift your body upwards. After ensuring your chin touches or slightly passes the bar, release down your body. You should also ensure your legs do not touch the ground. Perform 10 reps or more in your two to three sets. Resting time between the sets is also essential to help you work out effectively.

The Bottom Line

Working out is essential for a basketballer because many injuries are associated with playing on hard surfaces. However, if you work out properly, you will always walk out of the court injury-free after giving a stunning performance. Carefully read through the above mentioned seven exercises and include them in your workout routine.

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