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Top 5 Exercising Machines To Strengthen Bad-Knees

With age and passage of time our knees bare a lot of hard work and stress that leads to compromised knee performance. Knee problems have become very common all around the world, especially in women. It is highly important to take precautions not to completely prevent the problem but to reduce and keep it manageable as much as possible. Most prevailing knee problem are,

  • Weak or damaged ligaments
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Inflammation in tendon and bursa.
  • Fractures and other injuries
  • Gout
  • Weakened knee structures due to obesity

Everybody wants to live a life with minimum restrictive movements and to help achieve that we all must take special care of our bones, muscles and joints to progress into healthy living. Many of us simply ignore exercising on a daily basis or not consistent enough to keep the joints lubricated and efficiently functional. A healthy lifestyle demands for good eating habits and smart activities. It is understandable that not everybody can make runs to the gym, hence in this write up i will discuss about the home based machines to give a push to your exercising routine. 

Home-smart knee strengthening exercising machines

Installing and accommodating an efficient workout machine at home is a great idea as far as you are determined to make best use of it and be consistent with your exercise regime. Head on to find out about the machines that will occupy a small space and give you the ease of using it at your convenience. 

  • Upright stationary bike
    These kinds of bikes are much suitable for people with stable backs and upper body strength. The bike is ideal for safe cardio with different levels of control to fit your needs. 
  • Recumbent stationary bike
    The recumbent bikes are best for people with serious health conditions such as weak backs, compromised upper body strength, obesity and bad knees. The bike has back support with adjustable level of controls and resistance. It is a good choice to start rehabilitation and increase the level as you progress.
  • Rowing machine
    To own one of the best home rowing machine is a great decision to help cater your knee issues. Rowing machines work best if you start at an early stage of knee problems to strengthen your muscles and joints. A rowing machine involves different muscle groups and acquires the whole body movement hence you need to keep a check on your health condition to prevent injuries of other body parts. 
  • Treadmill
    Treadmill is the most widely used equipment at home since it requires less space and is easy to function by any age group. It is a safe medium with different levels of resistance and control. Slow walking pace is helpful to strengthen weak knee joints and muscles. 
  • Elliptical 
    It is quite helpful to heal knee joint pains but you need to be careful with your posture while using it. You must keep your upper body straight rather than leaning forward while exercising. It is advised to build your strength slowly and gradually and use elliptical in the later stages of the healing program. 

No matter which exercising machine and routine you are choosing to heal your knee pain, it is a must to include a few minutes of warm up session to prevent injuries and heat up the juice in the joints to have a smooth transition into your actual workout session.

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