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The Evolutionary Advantage of Hair

Most of our exterior features and organs have a purpose besides aesthetics. For certain features, predicting their purpose is less complex than others, probably because they still serve for a direct function. The same cannot be said about our head hair, we never really learn why it is of value, all we know is that our hair is of importance in our society. Simple grooming would rarely suffice; instead, we go to great lengths, both men and women alike, to maintain the shine and bounce of our hair. But Why? Why is hair attractive to us? To answer this, we have to understand the evolutionary advantage of hair.

Why is hair attractive?

As humans, we never really find something attractive unless it is in a way or another has a significant role in mating or choosing a partner. We do not really put emphasis on our hair just for the sake of it. Hair is actually a lot more influential than we think. Listed below, are three evolutionary advantages of hair.

  1. Increased survival rates of children
    Back when we were inferior to the wildlife, and in no way could compete with them, our chances of survival were low. In those days we were always alert for an inevitable, imminent attack. The high risk and threat called for hastier evacuation skills and faster thinking. As a result, our bodies evolved so that every feature can be useful in time-sensitive situations. Our hair, having no nerve ends and being fibers of protein, in a way resembles ropes. The rope-like properties of hair come in handy for children to hang on to in times of abrupt attacks. In other words, women and men with long hair offered a means for children to escape an unforeseen danger.
  2. A sign of fertility
    Longer thicker hair is seen as a sign of fertility because it reflects the person's physical and mental health. Since we begin to shed our hair as we age, we have linked hair loss to diminishing physical abilities. Moreover, we naturally tend to lose hair as we age which is why having thicker lusher hair is seen as a sign of fertility. For example, most men begin to bald at the crown of their heads in their late 20's. As a result, we begin to associate hair loss with diminished physical abilities and strength. In other words, having long thick hair resembles youth and vitality.
  3. Reveals physical and mental health
    This in a way, correlates with fertility. The hair growth process depends on the physical and mental health of the person alike. To grow lustrous hair, you need a healthy diet rich in vitamins fats and proteins. In addition to eating nutritious foods, one needs to be in a good state of health seeing as certain diseases can affect the quality of your hair. Secondly, as we mentioned above, hair growth depends as well on one's mental state. During times of emotional distress, certain hormones can interact with follicular units and initiate a cascade of events that end with the premature termination of hair.

In short, for a person to grow shiny locks they have to meet two conditions: good physical health and mental health. Leaving behind science talk, this translates to the person being a better partner, and consequently, we begin to view people with glorious manes as more attractive subconsciously.

You suffer from hair loss what can you do?

Clearly, the evolutionary advantage of head hair is more for our appeal than it is for our physical health. From our nomad days to our current days as egoistic humans, hair served as an exterior indicator of fertility for both men and women. Bad news if your crown is thinning, fortunately however science has created your silver lining.

Balding is no longer a life sentence thanks to hair transplants which have made it possible to restore your locks and confidence together. The microsurgery that is so minimally invasive it only requires the application of local anesthesia is growing in demand. Its success is mostly due to its guaranteed effectiveness and low-risk procedure. Despite the effectiveness and success of hair transplantation, in the UK and the US, the number of men and women who opt for hair transplantation in comparison to those who suffer emotional distress due to balding is a ratio that raises questions. It turns out that the unrealistically high prices of hair transplantations in the UK and US is what creates this gap.

Luckily for the British and Americans, the options for hair transplantations are not limited to local premises. Contrary to popular belief, hair transplantations abroad have become the trend of the era. The rise in medical tourism is not only due to affordable prices but is a result of the high quality of medical care as well.

In closing

The evolutionary advantage of hair mostly revolves around enhancing our sexual appeal and allure. The link between our manes and reproductivity is probably what explains the emotional distress that comes with hair loss. Fortunately for smooth headed men and women, hair transplants are here to save your crown. Before you panic if hair transplants are too expensive, remember hair transplants abroad exist. In the last decade the medical tourism industry has witnessed a leap in popularity. The growing demand is due to equal parts affordable prices and high quality of medical care.

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