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Evidence Based Autism Treatment - How To Choose


When most people hear the term "evidence based" they immediately think of medication and therapy. Many parents will tell you that they had to try every medication on the market before they found one that worked. While this is a common occurrence, it is far from the only case. There are treatments for Autism that do not require drugs or expensive therapy sessions.

Positive Reinforcement Techniques

Most children with Autism will respond well to positive reinforcement techniques. This type of method involves rewarding the good behaviors and punishing the bad ones. Rewards can be anything that your child likes, such as attention, smiles, or any other reward that seems appropriate. While these types of rewards can be very effective, they are not the best way to identify the problem behavior.

Behavior Modification

For this reason, many parents are now turning to a type of behavior therapy called behavior modification. With this approach the parent plays an active role in changing the child's behavior. This type of treatment works by helping the child gain self-control and improve their social skills.

Modifying Behavior takes time and Practice

Try to remember when you helped to establish a good behavior pattern as times goes by. When you see that your child is starting to stray from the correct behavior, step in to stop this behavior in its tracks. Be patient with your child, as this is a lifelong process.

Always Reward Good Behaviors

Once you recognize that your child is using repetitive behaviors correctly, offer praise. You must emphasize the positive qualities of these behaviors so they come to feel good. Also, offer rewards for learning new behaviors.

Always Respond Positively

You may need to repeat a phrase that your child has used several times. However, don't offer praise until your child does something that you approve of. Never use yelling or punishment as a method of correcting behaviors. This will only cause your child to fear you and continue the bad behaviors. They won't learn anything from these negative interactions.

Set Clear Expectations

A clear and consistent message needs to be conveyed to your child that these behaviors are unacceptable. You also need to let your child know what is acceptable behavior. Make sure that you discuss this with your child's doctor to ensure they are receiving the proper treatment. Many parents have had success using visual aids or books to reinforce positive behaviors.

Autism is a very frustrating and confusing disorder. By following the above steps, you can greatly improve the quality of your child's life and their ability to function. Evidence based autism treatments are available to help children focus better, control their symptoms and learn more effectively. This will allow them to live a more enjoyable life with their peers.

Parents who choose homeopathic treatment can feel confident that their child's treatment causes no harm. They receive no synthetic chemicals and no harmful side effects. They are guaranteed to work and they are safe. Homeopathic treatment is the safest option available for autism care.

Behavior therapy is often used in conjunction with homeopathic treatment. Behavior therapists are skilled at helping children to control their own behaviors. The therapy's goal is to teach your child new behavior techniques that will help them control their behavior. You may find that some behaviors continue to be problematic, but with the help of a trained professional, you can modify your child's behavior to ensure they are no longer annoying.

When you are faced with a challenge such as this, it is important to seek professional help. No matter what treatment you choose, your child will benefit if you take the time to find out all about their disorder and try different methods to help them improve their symptoms. There is no reason for you to feel like you are alone or without knowledge regarding controlling behavior in children with Asperger's Syndrome and/or autism.

If you are looking for an evidence based autism treatment, you should seek out homeopathic treatment options. You will learn about all the ingredients in these remedies, how they are combined, and how they can help your child. These remedies are safe and effective and the research behind them is extensive.

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