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Everything You Need to Know About Vape Juice

Vape Juice

Inside the vape device, consumers will have the choice of putting any vape juice NZ that they want depending on their needs. There are multiple e-liquid that someone can choose from and it will be best to consider all options before buying one. 

Types of vape juice 

To get the perfect vape juice, the one that will be the most suitable for your taste and nicotine needs, it will all depend on the percentage of that you will choose for each ingredient. Every vapers will have a different opinion on what is best and what is worst. However, only you will be able at the end to make the best decision for yourself. In case you’re in doubt, you will always have the possibility to ask the advice of a professional in a vape shop that knows everything about the products that he/she is selling. The choice of vape juice NZ can be hard, especially for a beginner because you, most likely, will have no clue of how a vaping device is working and what ingredients are present in the e-liquid. As such, it will be always best to seek a professional and ask him/her all questions related to the use of vapes. You can also go to a friend, family member or colleagues that is already using vape devices. There are various types of vape juices that you can choose from depending on what your want 

  • For a smooth flavor 

To obtain a smoother feeling on the throat while vaping, it is better to use a high percentage of Vegetable Glycerin. In some cases, the flavor can feel muted. When that happens, just use more power to release more vapor. However, be careful to not push the atomizer of your device beyond a certain limit because it could cause further issues with your vape juice.

  • Cloudchasers 

If your goal is to produce a high density of clouds of vapor than it will be best to get the highest concentration of Vegetable Glycerin possible. This ingredient is what makes the smoke thicker. As such, to ”see” more clouds, a higher amount of this fluid is needed in your vaping device. There are even clouds competitions based on the size of the cloud one can make with his/her e-cigarettes.

  • To get a throat hit 

In order to get a kick at the back of your throat while using a vape, it will be best to have a high concentration of Propylene Glycerin, combined with nicotine. This type of e-liquid is greatly sought by ex-smokers that still want to feel the kick of a ”real” cigarette. The amount of nicotine will also depend on the cravings of the consumers. 

  • For stealth vaping 

Some people will dislike the vapor that comes from a vaping device, and will like to produce as less clouds as possible. In order to do that, the user will need to have a vape with more Propylene Glycerin than Vegetable Glycerin. It will help the person in keeping the vaping low key.

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