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5 Everyday Habits That Can Be Harder When You Struggle With Drug Addiction

If you struggle with drug addiction, you know it can be hard to maintain many of your daily habits. Drug addiction and recovery can be stressful and take an enormous toll on your mental and physical health. 

Drug addiction can make it difficult to stick to a routine, eat well, or even get out of bed. However, these healthy habits are essential for recovery. Here are five everyday habits that can be harder when you struggle with drug addiction.

1. Waking up in the morning

As the alarm clock tolls and the sun rises, we know it's time to start the day. However, waking up can be one of the most challenging things for those struggling with drug addiction. Without access to their substance of choice, people can experience intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms that can seem insurmountable. 

Despite these challenges, those with addiction must take control and start fresh each day. Sometimes positive affirmations can help. Saying things like “I can do this” or “today will be a great day” can help you stay positive and motivated.

2. Going to work or school 

Going to work or school while struggling with a drug addiction can be intimidating and overwhelming. Many may struggle with guilt, shame, and a feeling of helplessness as they try to juggle the demands of their job or classes with managing cravings and recovery. 

A key piece of advice for anyone in this situation is not to be afraid to explain their situation to their boss or teacher. Asking for support or flexibility when needed can be a powerful way to manage addiction and stay on track with work or school.

3. Keeping up with personal hygiene

Taking care of our personal hygiene is essential to maintain health and well-being, but drug addiction can make it difficult. Many addicted individuals may lack the energy or motivation to properly shower, brush their teeth, or even just change clothes. 

It's important for people experiencing drug addiction to maintain their hygiene. This might require setting small goals and rewards that can help motivate them to keep up with personal hygiene, such as setting a timer for a certain amount of time in the shower or brushing their teeth twice daily.

4. Interacting with other people 

Navigating interpersonal relationships can be difficult for individuals with drug addiction. Drugs can create a rift between them and their loved ones or cause relationship dynamics to shift drastically due to unpredictable actions taken while under the influence. 

Still, meaningful conversations, communication, and connection with others have proven to be effective tools in battling drug abuse because they help people confront their substance use and identify what they need to change to make progress toward recovery. While building social support systems is challenging for many addicts, it is possible and worth striving for as it usually leads to an improved quality of life.

5. Getting enough sleep 

Sleep is integral to physical and mental well-being, yet many with drug addiction struggle to get enough of it. This can lead to issues like drowsiness and mood swings during the day, which can worsen drug addiction. Without enough restful sleep, people may turn to drugs as a way of trying to cope with exhaustion and stress. 

It's vital for those struggling with drug addiction to treat the root cause of the reason they're not getting enough sleep. This could involve seeking help from a primary doctor or a mental health professional. Once the underlying issues are identified, people can look for ways to get better sleep, such as regular exercise, sticking to a consistent bedtime routine, and avoiding caffeine late in the day.


Staying sober while struggling with addiction is a difficult task that requires dedication and perseverance. The struggles outlined in this article are just a few common ones that those with addiction face.

With the right strategies, support system, and dedication to recovery, those with addiction can reclaim their life and health. So don't delay. Now is the time for individuals to take charge of their recovery journey and make positive changes that will last a lifetime.

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