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Everyday Activities That Have a Therapeutic Effect

A person sitting on a dock while meditating and thinking of activities that could have a therapeutic effect on them

Taking the time to think about one's mental health is never a waste. On the contrary, by doing so, every other aspect of your everyday life will fall into place and unwind in a much better way than it did prior to taking on this journey. That being said, taking care of your health and acknowledging your problems is never easy. It is, however, very well worth it. If this path sounds too overwhelming, there are some ways of easing into a healthier lifestyle that aren't as taxing and intense. You'd be surprised at the mere volume of everyday activities that have a therapeutic effect.

Get rid of anything that doesn't bring you joy

For whatever reason, it's very common to clutter our lives and make them busy with things that don't bring us any pleasure or relief. Of course, there will always be some chores that we won't enjoy but will simply have to endure. However, when more than 30-40% of your daily efforts go towards activities that seem painstaking and dreadful, you naturally begin to lose the will to get up in the morning. Finding some activities that will have a therapeutic effect is something that could bring you back that much-needed spark.

Of course, quitting your job and moving on and other similarly significant changes are also quite important. However, removing minor stressful everyday activities has a way of contributing to your health in the overall scheme of things. In the long run, you'll experience great solace by eliminating these unwelcome habits.

Keep things interesting with activities that have a therapeutic effect and those that don't

Try to find a way, or many different ways, of keeping things exciting and fun. This should especially apply to the daily activities that don't have a therapeutic effect on you. By making your work or some other dull chores light and fun, you can eliminate some of the weight you inevitably feel. If you thoroughly dislike doing the dishes, try playing your favorite tracks and singing along. If what bothers you is the sedentary element of your profession, find ways to activate yourself throughout the working hours.

Physical health = mental health

To enjoy activities that could have a therapeutic effect, you need to be as healthy as possible. A lot of people don't seem to understand the connection that mental health has with physical health. If you spend your days in bed and eat unhealthy fast food, your body won't be the only thing that suffers. The way you fuel your body and burn those same calories has an enormous effect on your mind as well. Although this is a rut that's hard to get out of, try to start by implementing some minor changes. Don't push yourself too hard. You're bound to experience the mental benefits of exercise and a balanced diet in no time. Meditation is one of the best ways of staying engaged both physically and mentally.

Chocolate is always the answer

However, although healthy activities have a therapeutic effect, you shouldn't always strive toward control. Sometimes you just need to let go and enjoy your life. The benefits of moderate chocolate consumption are much greater than some of the bad sides. Make sure to bring this type of contentment into your routine too.

Do something that brings you joy

Even though it sounds a bit cliche, you should try to do something that brings you joy every single day (emphasis on "try"). Don't make this yet another dreadful obligation. Remember that this could and should mean a lot of different things. Since not all our days are the same, it's clear that we won't have the same amount of free time to spend as we like. This is precisely why it's important to remember that even the tiniest things can bring us joy.

Turn off the news

Out of all the activities that have a therapeutic effect on us, this one could be the answer to many problems. Nowadays, especially during the ongoing pandemic, the news isn't something that we can take lightly. It's really unnecessary to do this to yourself daily, seeing how you can get all the essential information in a much more concise and much less worrying way elsewhere. So, turn off your TV and go for a walk instead.


Freeing up your space by decluttering is a great thing to get you in a better mood. Not only that, but you'll also be much more motivated and productive. If you're doing a spring cleaning or if you are moving, this is a must. However, it would be best if you didn't wait for these rare incidents to take a quick look around your home and start decluttering. This activity doesn't just have a therapeutic effect; it'll also help you be more organized and neater. Cleaning your home will surely get you in the right mindset for undertaking the day.

Take on a new challenge

If you don't know how to bestir and get off your bed, the answer may lie in finding a new challenge to take on. Although there's plenty of activities that have a therapeutic effect that can be a part of your routine, this one could help you keep your every day a bit more amusing. Finding a new hobby or a project that you feel excited about is a great way to engage yourself in something new. Unearthing passion is quite often the answer. It keeps us moving forward and prevents us from looking back.

Go to therapy

It's about time that therapy loses this incessant stigma that keeps surrounding it even today. If this is something that you deem helpful, then, by all means, go for it. Make sure to find the right therapist for you. This should be someone with whom you feel comfortable and at peace. If this, however, isn't something that you want to implement in your everyday life, that's okay as well. You can find other activities that have a similar healing effect, such as spending quality bonding time with your friends.

Take breaks

If you, at any time, start to feel overwhelmed, you need to stop. None of these activities that have a therapeutic effect are meant to feel like a burden. Know your boundaries and respect them. Only by doing so will you get to enjoy your journey to a better and improved version of yourself.

Simon Duncan

Author's bio:

Simon Duncan is an acclaimed therapist specializing in finding happiness and bliss in the smallest of things. Implementing his methods in your everyday life is a great way to slowly but surely achieve your goals and improve your mental health. Helping people be joyous is one of his greatest passions. Nowadays, he's reaching out to patients across the globe through social media and posts such as this one.

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