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3 Events that Should Lead You to a Psychologist


All of us could use a psychologist's help at some point in our lives. These caring therapists do not just treat people who are desperate, crazy or melting down. In fact, there are universal life events many people go through that indicate the need for a psychologist. This therapy supports you when talking to friends and family is just not enough to bring on the healing you need.

If you feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, stressed or unsure of your life path, talk to a therapist. Even if you feel only slightly "off" and need help getting back on a more positive track, counselling can benefit you. But if you experience some of the significant life events below, you should more strongly consider a therapist's help.

Feeling Stuck in Life, Sad, Angry or Unlike Yourself

Not being able to control your emotions or feeling hopeless can limit your life enjoyment, productivity and progress in daily life. Maybe when you feel this way you eat more or less than you should. Or maybe your sleep patterns change, and you find yourself withdrawing from loved ones and friends. All of these feelings warrant talking to a therapist, particularly if you start feeling suicidal.

Feeling stuck or depressed can cause you to stop doing the things you enjoy. Some people avoid leaving their homes, having fun or being around people. These are signs that something is wrong. A therapist can help.

Going to therapy for help in these situations does not mean you need medication or will need a therapist for the rest of your life. Most people notice positive changes and even an upswing in life enjoyment within only seven to 10 counselling sessions. According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 88 percent of people going to therapy notice improvement after only one session.

Using Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex or Other Negative Behaviors to Cope

Behavioural addictions like those of overeating, restricting food intake, drinking, using drugs, sexual activity, excessive gaming and shoplifting are coping responses for some people. But these are not healthy responses or actions. They provide a clear sign that you need better coping methods at your disposal.

Behaviours like these quickly turn into addictions or compulsions if you do not get help through counselling. Despite making you feel relief in a moment, these activities also create an endless cycle of life destruction. They can threaten your relationships, career, finances, health and freedoms. But with a therapist's help, you can learn positive coping methods to replace these destructive ones.

Experiencing Trauma, Loss or Grief

Trauma comes from a wide range of life experiences. We are all unique in what affects us negatively and how we process those experiences. For example, you may suffer the effects of trauma after abuse, a loved one's death, personal injury, crime, witnessing an accident, serious illness, breakup or divorce. Even job loss can cause trauma.

Talking to a psychologist about your trauma can help you get quickly back on your feet again. Through counselling, you learn how to cope with your negative memories and the feelings they cause. You can start seeing higher productivity in your life, less depression or anxiety, and improvements where you felt hopeless.


How Therapy Helps

Seeing a psychologist offers many short and long-term benefits. Sometimes a therapist must refer a patient for more intensive intervention, such as for addiction treatment in a facility. But for most people and in most situations, short-term therapy that focuses on personal goals can bring positive results. This counselling must also address your specific needs, such as getting you out of a stuck position, freeing you from conflicts or helping you make big life choices.

When you talk to a therapist, they provide you with safety and confidentiality. You do not need to censor yourself. You also experience no judgment from a therapist. As a result of their listening, feedback and guidance, you can learn new skills and turn your life around.

Talk to a Therapist Today

There are times when we need extra support or guidance in life. There is nothing wrong with turning outward for this help. The earlier you get the counselling you need, the sooner you also start enjoying a brighter and more fulfilling life.

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