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7 Must Have Essentials for an Outdoor Adventure

Adventures are incredibly vital if you want to have a fun-filled life. There are many adventurous activities to choose from, and they provide many happiness-filled moments that not many other activities can provide. It is a known fact that one of the best ways to go on adventures is by going outside.

Outdoor adventures could include going hiking, swimming, bungee jumping, heading to the beach, and many others. That said, there are some essentials you must have before embarking on an adventure. These essentials would make sure you complete the tasks of an adventure easier and safer. Luckily, here are seven of them to keep in mind.

1. A Trusty Survival kit

A trusty survival kit would more often than not come in handy. This is the kit where you can find essentials like materials to build fires, repair damaged gear, and make survival in the wilds easier on you.

That said, this kit includes other tools and essentials such as:

  • Parachute
  • Life jackets
  • Radios for communication.

Unfortunately, many commercialized survival kits don’t have these essentials in them. This is mainly because of the size of various survival tools. Hence, you need to pick the survival kit you want to purchase carefully. Always check if the kit is a field tested survival kit before buying and taking it along with you for an outdoor adventure.

When it comes to wilderness survival, there are a number of essential tools that go with you everywhere. Having at least one reliable method for starting a fire is a must - refillable survival lighters are the solution.

Outdoor Adventure

2. Navigation Tools

The second thing to take along with you on your outdoor adventure is one or more navigation tools. Some people like to believe that they can do fine without a navigation system to keep them on the right path. However, what if they get lost? The unfamiliarity of the terrain you’re visiting makes it very easy for you to get lost. As you spend more time trying to find your way back, you would be putting yourself in increasing danger.

That said, one of the essentials you should pick along with you is a navigation system. Even skilled adventurers use it, so there’s no excuse or reason not to. Some of these navigation tools include:

  • A Map
  • A compass
  • Your phone( in places you can find a signal) to access a GPS
  • Personal locator beacon, and so on.
Outdoor Adventure

3. Sun Protection Products

Since you're having an outdoor adventure, there is a big chance that you’re going to be exposed to the sun. While the sun is beneficial in many ways, it can become quite harmful when your skin gets exposed to it for a long time. For one, it can lead you to develop sunburn that is often painful to treat. Prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause cancer in some cases.

Both of these reasons make it crucial for you to carry sun protection products on your trip. Some sun protection products include

  • Sunscreen
  • An umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothing that protects against the UV rays of the sun.
Outdoor Adventure

4. Insulated Clothing

Insulated clothing is a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Many outdoor activities involve you camping outdoors and sleeping. During that time, it can get pretty chilly. For you not to hear the negative consequences of being exposed to cold for too long, it would be best for you to carry along insulated clothing. Granted, the type of clothes you carry along depends on your location and season. However, a general rule is that it must be lightweight yet provide the insulation function.

Never pick insulation clothing made out of cotton if you’re going to be near a water body. This is because cotton gets heavy when it’s damp and can even remove heat from your body. This would defeat the whole purpose of insulation. Instead, try as much as possible to pick insulated clothing made out of synthetic fabric such as polypropylene.

5. Food

Extra food is another essential you must carry along with you while going on an outdoor adventure. You may think that you’ll “hunt” for food, but it would be best for you to pack food along with you. Many countries prevent poaching and have passed laws that would prosecute anybody who poaches certain types of animals for sport or consumption.

Hence, try and pack at least two days’ worth of non-perishable food along for the trip.

6. Make-Shift Shelter in Emergency Cases

On many occasions, going on outdoor adventures would mean you have to spend the night outdoors. To keep out insects and other threats, you need to carry a make-shift shelter for these situations. These shelters would also protect you from environmental influences such as rain, the sun, and cold.

Outdoor Adventure

7. Illumination Devices

Lastly, you would need illumination tools to light up the dark. These tools mainly involve flashlights, headlamps, and batteries for these two devices. Observing your surroundings and determining the correct route to take are vital to your outdoor adventure.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor adventures are enjoyable activities to engage in. They fill you with excitement and can even provide you with massive therapeutic benefits.

Fortunately, the above are seven of the most crucial tools you should carry along with you on these outdoor trips. Carrying them would increase the fun you get from these trips and reduce the chances of getting into a tricky situation.

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