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7 Surprising Benefits of Using Essential Oils
For Beard Maintenance

Beard Maintenance

Many guys don’t see the need to use beard oil on the scalp or in their beard. After all, the skin produces its natural oil called sebum. However, the sebaceous glands in the skin can only do so much for your beard. The hairs and specifically beards, endure a lot of wear and tear daily. Some of these come from regular washing, accumulation of dust, and exposure to chemicals, just to name a few. All these can lead to the stripping of the beard’s natural oils.

If you’re trying to grow a healthy beard, these issues can hinder your process and cause beardruff, itchiness, or split ends. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry because high-quality and premium essential oils can be the answer to all these. To better understand how these oils can help maintain your beard, here are seven surprising benefits they provide. There are lots of essentials oils like CBD oil, Lavender Oil, Cedar wood oil etc that are good, and works as beard oil. You can try combining one or more essential oils to enhance its benefits.

1. Facial Hair Moisturizer

It’s no secret that facial hair and any hair, for that matter, need to remain moisturized. And that’s one of the main properties of essential oils. The right beard oil can hydrate your beard and the underlying skin. This becomes one of the keys to maintaining a soft and beautiful-looking beard. A well-moisturized beard will look shiny and adequately groomed. Hence, having most of the vital attributes of healthy and well-kept facial hair.

2. Improves Beard Smell

Beard Maintenance

Perhaps one of the most pivotal attributes of essential oils is their sweat and aromatic fragrance. Therefore, you can look at your essential oil as the cologne for the beard. Moreover, essential oils make the facial hair look and feel, and they smell good too. Moreover, the best part is the variety of fragrances you can select based on your preference. You can also make this one at home, provided you have the right ingredients.

3. Keeps Dandruff Away

One of the common challenges faced by men with facial hair is the battle with dandruff. It’s not always the case that having a beard increases your chances of having dandruff. However, lack of moisture and grooming does lead to dry and flaky skin. Using essential oils for your beard helps nourish the hair follicles and the skin beneath. Thus, regular use of beard oils helps to eliminate dandruff and ensures it doesn’t return.

4. Reduces Itchy Beard

One of the unpleasant experiences of growing a beard is the itchiness associated with it. If you want to look fabulous without the need to scratch your face every few minutes, then find an essential oil for your beard. Applying these products designed for the beard will keep them coated and protected from harsh chemicals and other factors that cause itchiness. Remember, consistency is critical if you want to deal with this problem.

5. Helps in Beard Styling

Beard Maintenance

Who doesn’t love a perfectly styled beard to match a beautiful haircut? You may be able to get the beard style of your dreams with the right beard oil. Usually, the best essential oils contain no harsh ingredients or additives. These types are cold-pressed, unfiltered, and raw. They carry all their natural properties and help relax hair follicles so that you can style and groom as you see fit. Unlike beard oils, beard butter is used for styling and shaping your beard.

6. Promotes Rapid Beard Growth

Certain essential beard oils like peppermint mint oil are not only known for their breathtaking smell. They also play an active role in hair growth. As shown by a recent study, peppermint oil boosted hair growth 3 percent of the time. In this research, the oil achieved this by catalyzing the early anagen stage and increasing blood flow to epidermal glands. It’s in the anagen stage that active hair growth occurs.

7. Provides a Vitamin Boost

Beard Maintenance

Vitamins are good for you. But did you know they are essential for healthy hair growth? Although your daily meal may contain ample amounts of vitamins, you may need a boost if you want to get your beard game to the next level. And that’s where essential oils play a crucial role. Some essential oils are rich in vitamin E, which helps soften your beard’s hairs and induces better blood flow to these regions. Thus, contributing to a healthier and fuller beard.


The popularity of personal grooming continues to increase. But the responsibility lies with you to choose the best products to grow a healthy beard. Essential oils have been used for centuries for several purposes. Therefore, beard growth and maintenance with products like CBD oil, ylang-ylang, sunflower oil, and bay leaf come as no surprise. Research backing the use of these essential oils for grooming the beard is still ongoing. However, there is enough anecdotal evidence to support the effectiveness of some of these oils. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that they can make your beard look lusher, fuller, and softer.

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