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The Rise of eSports to Be a Sport Born of Technology

The world-famous magazine The Guardian calls eSport by the name Sports 2.0. They have their own reasonable reasons for naming that. The most visible reason is that Sport 2.0 dramatically develops with the rise of technology.

The size of the eSports event will depend on the coverage of the game, on how much money sponsors and game developers can afford. It can range from a local competition to an international tournament.

Young people, who are intimately attached to technology, certainly assert that eSports is a sport. However, the elders in society may not easily accept or believe that sitting on a computer screen, using the mouse, the keyboard, or holding a controller to play video games, is a sport. But numbers do not lie. They will be the most relevant evidence for any individual to see the rise of eSports in the modern world.


Olympics eSports as a typical eSport event

In Poland, people organize Olympics eSports, bringing together teams from all over the world. Spodek's giant stadium located in Katowice was filled with sounds from countless games and tens of thousands of gamers pouring in. This is also a great opportunity for sponsors, software, and hardware developers to show off their latest products. Everyone wants to touch a part of the gold mine that is getting richer.

In the past, the event only lasted for 3 weekends, but then the event had to increase the time to meet the demands of gamers and eSports fans. Records were continuously broken with 173,500 people flocked to Spodec for live viewing, more than 46 million people watched online.

The huge price of a typical eSports company

In 2015, the media company Modern Times Group acquired ESL, the eSports company behind the IEM event organizer, for $87 million. This was a very large contract at that time.

ESL broadcasts its tournaments on Twitch, the world's largest game streaming platform. In 2014, just three years after the founding of Twitch, the platform was acquired by Amazon for $ 970 million.

The founder of ESL is Ralph Reichart could not believe his eyes when he saw the sight of hundreds of thousands of young eyes watching every little move on the big screen. His father did not believe in an eSports future when he applied for permission to build Spodek. They must think differently now.

The potential future of eSports


eSports are giving gamers huge profits and gradually becoming an industry with a strong foothold in today's economy. Vietnamese reputative Esport betting site said Asian is a fertile market to invest. eSports with strong developments has now entered its period of transformation. The approval of the family of gamers is just the first step for developing a new generation of athletes. The difficulty ahead is being accepted by the community. 

According to The Guardian, eSports is also making a potentially sports revolution with the rise of technology. Statistics from market analysis firm Newzoo note that the world esports market promises to surpass $ 1.6 billion by 2021. Billions of dollars in sales have strongly attracted top companies and startups in eSports recently. Specifically, many computer businesses, technology, and even startups have inventions and patents that cater to the eSports market with the most advanced tools.

The future may be unpredictable, but it is strongly believed that eSports will be recognized as a real sport or even a giant industry in the future.

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