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Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction?
Here’s Why You Should Not Feel Shameful!

If you are suffering from typhoid, are you ashamed? If you are an asthma patient or a diabetes patient, do you feel ashamed of it? If the answer is no then what is the problem with Erectile Dysfunction or ED? Then why does suffering from ED make someone feel downgraded in society?

Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction?

ED is just a disease like any other and there is nothing to feel ashamed for. This sickening mindset is the main reason that many diseases do not get diagnosed during their nascent period. The person only gets to know when that same minor disease has become a hazardous one.

Anything related to sex is considered taboo, this habit needs to be gotten rid of if we want to lead a healthy life. Or else keep ordering Fildena, Vidalista, and Cenforce from Powpills secretly.

Causes of ED

ED is caused due to the blood not reaching the penis during the time of sexual stimulation. The flow of the blood in the penis is what makes it erect. Hence, if at any time the penis is deprived of blood, no chance of erection.

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Well, there are not one but several reasons which are known to make a healthy person an ED patient. And any one of them is equally hazardous, so we need to know all the reasons.


Being a smoker makes you a certified patient of ED. If not today, someday you will definitely contract ED. This is a fact which you can try or observe the lifestyle of other smokers around you.

Smoking not only makes you vulnerable to diseases but also people around you like your family, friends, and colleague. Due to smoking, blood circulation is affected which in turn lessens the erection.

Drinking too much alcohol

If the alcohol level in the body goes beyond the normal levels the nervous system gets damaged at first.

In small amounts, alcohol helps the body to get relief from stress and anxiety. It reduces the transmission of messages between the organs and the body. This puts the body at rest therefore the person gets asleep.

But in large quantities the person cannot even walk properly, talk properly the whole coordination between the organs and the nervous which in an earlier case was reduced is now completely damaged. In such cases getting an erection is nothing but a joke.

Mental state

The mental condition of the person is the key reason which makes the person excited for sex. If there is no sexual drive in the person, he would not get stimulated and therefore without stimulation no erection.

Just imagine when you are engrossed deeply in some works do you get the sexual desire? No. When you fought with your best friend you are surely not in a good mood. At that time do you get the drive for sex? No.

The reason is that for sexual excitement the mind must be free of all tensions and worries. This is the reason that depressed people or those who suffer from anxiety have negligible sexual drive.

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After reading any of the reasons do you feel that many reasons can put you and your family’s name to shame? No, these are reasons which do not just apply to Erectile Dysfunction but many other diseases.

Smoking and alcoholic drinks are worldwide known as addictions and people try not to consume them. So, if one wants to enjoy the sex like earlier one must treat ED with the same care and sincerity as other disorders.

In many cases where ED became serious to the extent that the male could have become sexually inactive for life, it was found that people have not disclosed the disorder for several months due to shame.

And when the disorder was revealed, it was so serious that surgery was the last solution. This is completely the fault of the person who hid it from his family, it also shows the reality of the society we live in.

On knowing that someone is facing ED instead of supporting him, people make fun of him, tease him whenever he passes by. In some cases, the spouse divorces due to ED, the person is mentally tortured and tormented daily.

An ED patient is treated in a way as if he has committed a crime. This all happens due to a lack of sexual education that people take sexual performance for granted.

Just like to maintain a good body, we go to gyms, similarly for satisfying your woman without the use of external drugs sexual health needs to be given equal importance.

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