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Entrepreneurs: 5 Tips To Wire Your Brain For Optimal Performance

Wire Your Brain

A business entrepreneur would be able to remember most of the facts and figures of his venture if he has the best memory of all. This should propel him to the top of a certain field of expertise.

With this kind of memory inside his brain, he would be able to make presentations without the help of paraphernalia. One of the best things that he can achieve with this is built better professional relationships with his clients.

With this kind of powerful memory, networking would be a great channel for this person since he has the capacity to recall all of the people and their names after he meets them.

Although it seems this kind of memory seems too farfetched, it can actually be done. Here are some tips which you can do to help your brain maximize its performance...

Stop the stimulant use
Stimulants, to a certain degree, are good for the brain. However, for the most part, they produce bad effects. The most common effects are very disturbing thoughts and the loss of memory. The worst part is that these effects may become permanent with continued use. It is important that a person must stop using these so that these effects will not manifest outwardly. It may affect employment and of course mental judgment.

Increase your intake of fish
If you have a healthy body, you will also have a healthy mind. You may need multivitamins if you lack some of the essential ones. But one food that you surely must not miss out on is fish. In fact, it is better to increase your consumption especially of the ones that are rich in Omega-3. This is a fatty acid that contributes to better brain function.

There is no surprise in the fact that diet and nutrition play a big role in developing a healthy brain. The truth is that entrepreneurs are very busy and do not have enough time to eat. So the best way to deal with this type of schedule is to make sure that you eat the right kind of food. Fish is the perfect main ingredient and healthy food.

Aside from this, other foods that can contribute to better brain health are those that are loaded with antioxidants, amino acids and vitamin E. All of these three have positive effects on the brain. For improved cognitive tasks, red wine is the best beverage to drink. Just make sure not to overdo it because if you do, all your cognitive functions will be negated by the alcohol content.

Mindset reinforcing tools
An entrepreneur needs to support his all of his beliefs and behavior. This is very important especially if he needs it to become a habit of sorts. They have to find ways to make these thoughts repetitive by using tools that can make this happen is essential. An example of this is the work that one has to do on a computer. You can work on these data on your computer once it is in your mind if you have a healthy brain.

Mindsets are very tough to change. This includes the bad habits accustomed to it. It may be tough but it is not impossible. A change of mindset is like a battle raging on inside your brain. This can happen when you try to unlearn a bad habit or are trying to acquire a new one. The whole process is labeled as competitive plasticity. Once a bad habit has reached the repetitive stage, the new ones included, it has control over the brain already. This means that repetitive bad habits have a decisive advantage over new good ones. The one thing that you should not stop doing is to continuously acquire new good habits. Eventually, these will take control of your brain.

Rest and sleep
It is important that you get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep for your brain to stay sharp. Doing this regularly will provide you with the memory power that you need. This will make your brain alert all day. Remember that the brain does not rest during sleep. However, if the rest of the body functions it controls are at rest, it recuperates as well.

Focus and pay attention
Probably the most important tips of all regarding having a healthy brain are pay attention and focus. You need to do both with regards to all the tips written above. The focus is done by concentrating on one thing before you move to the next. While you focus on this, you can easily pay attention to it without any distraction.

All of these tips will make your brain healthier and sharper. Try not to be too hard on it can make a very big change in the kind of power it has. One can never underestimate the power of the brain. In fact, some experts think that the power it possesses is immeasurable.

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