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How Enterprise Mobility Solutions Will
Impact Healthcare Industry?

By Olivia Diaz

The enterprise mobility is the new mantra to success in the healthcare industry. A range of healthcare applications is developed to deliver healthcare through a variety of mobile devices. The advancements in mobile app development are bringing healthcare and mobile devices together for the betterment of human lives in this modern era. Hence, we can see a significant rise in healthcare mobile app development services in the present times.

Mobility solutions are helping the healthcare industry by transcending their boundaries and information is of paramount importance to it when comes to patient information, diagnostic data, health conditions, and prescriptive details to quote a few of them. It was a bit tough to maintain these data with quality and accuracy until recently. But, a myriad of mobile applications is turning this around for better advancements.

In this article, we will look at some key ways in which enterprise mobility solutions can prove to be phenomenal for the healthcare sector:

Remote Data Accessibility with Cloud Computing

Mobile applications containing secured links to the back end of cloud systems can enable healthcare professionals to manage EHRs anytime, anywhere. The HIPAA-compliant mobile device management strategies are going to adopted by professionals to ensure data security and providing real-time access to the patient data.

The storage of health records on patient devices is yet another trendsetter on the rise. Patients can share their previous medical history with their healthcare providers efficiently which ensures control over their data. Cloud computing facilitates data sharing with experts for consultation purposes which puts an advantage to the patient as the consultants can remotely view the relevant data on their mobile device on the go and prescribe the treatment accordingly.

Improves Inter-Connection

It fosters the improved inter-connectivity between variant parties when we talk about one of the best advantages of having enterprise mobility. Talking about the healthcare industry, we have physicians, nurses, administrative staff, patients and all are coming under one big setting.

There needs to be a way in which all of them can stay in sync with each other. Enterprise solutions help to achieve this by offering a reliable way to share personal data and updates. It is not possible to have the prerequisite info on the go via enterprise mobility management instead of relying on paperwork for data flow between the parties.

Artificial Intelligence

The combination of artificial intelligence with mobility has multiple applications in the healthcare segment ranging from voice health assistants for doctors to chatbots for patient interaction. Artificial intelligence makes use of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing for automating faster data delivery process. Virtual health assistants on mobile phones are helping doctors make streamlined decisions by processing real-time data.

For instance, AiCure is an AI-based healthcare startup to confirm medicine ingestion by patients visually. This mobile-based clinically validated platform optimizes patient behavior while reducing risks. Also, the use of chatbots in interacting with the patients can result in the formation of a technology-driven work arena by consuming less time and leaving humans free to utilize their time efficiently.

Data Transfer and Optimized Workflow Using Location Tracking

The development of next-generation - 5G is well underway of mobile internet technology which promises faster internet speeds along with reliable connections through smartphones and other devices. This technological upgradation can revolutionize the telemedicine field by connecting the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) to ensure seamless connectivity during video consultations for quick sharing of data files.

The healthcare industry is already suffering from an acute shortage of resources, and hence the optimal utilization of resources is vital. Adopting real-time location services from your smartphone applications or RFID chips can track the location of doctors, nurses, patients, and even equipment supplies. Such visualization can help streamline the delivery of care by optimizing the overall workflow.

What Can Be Possible Threats and How to Resolve Them?

Data security can be one of the biggest threats when adopting enterprise mobility in the healthcare industry. Patient data is susceptible and more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats which include:

  • Improper Communication and Misuse of data
  • Ransomware and Malware attacks
  • Loss of the device leading to data leakage
  • Misuse of location tracking services

The malware threat to the network can be neutralized by adapting to MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution which can secure the various mobile applications for authentication or force close any third-party app that interferes within the network.

Introducing 2-factor authentication to access cloud-based applications will significantly increase the security in the cloud network. There is a need to predetermine the damage control protocols in case of loss or theft of a device for avoiding loss of sensitive data. One of the ways to limit such damage is to install file management software and application management solutions for regaining the potentially compromised data.

The Road Ahead

The wave of enterprise mobility is sweeping across the healthcare industry by introducing much-needed changes to help them function better. The healthcare IT solutions are attempting to become smarter and more for enterprise mobility which boosts the efforts in this direction.

Thus, devising a solid plan for implementation of enterprise mobility management solutions is one of the best ways to ensure keeping up with faster changes in technology. Keep Writing!

Author Bio: Olivia Diaz is working at eTatvaSoft, an Enterprise level Web & Mobile Application Development Company. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets. For more details about the company, you can visit here. Follow me on Twitter.

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