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Entering the Australian Healthcare Industry -
What Courses Are Best for Me?

The Healthcare industry is a wide sector associated with providing services and products related to medical care and health. It provides people with a large working field including pharmaceuticals, distribution, equipment and biotechnology. Therefore, in Australia, the healthcare industry is known to be the largest employment industry. According to the year 2020, it was recorded that over 1.7 million people were employed in this industry. This shows that it has significantly invested and specialized more in the health sector. This will favour you especially when choosing which courses are related to the health sector. It is because you can avail of different varieties of health courses as there are several fields in the health sector to work with.

What healthcare courses are best for me in Australia?

Deciding on which healthcare courses to take depends on your passion, funds for fees and the period when pursuing your studies. There are very good courses for you but some of them require attention and sacrifice. Here are some of the healthcare courses you might be interested in:

Medical science

The Australian medical degree is very popular as it is considered as a world class education. This is due to the strict training program which has led to the attainment of an outstanding reputation across the world. The medical science field is a special part of the industry as it involves medical research, improving and developing medicine.

Public healthcare

According to SEEK research, the medical and health industry was one of the fastest-growing industries in 2017 in Australia. Public healthcare is a versatile field of study. Hence, your degree will open a wide pathway to pursue various careers. Besides, pursuing this course assures you of a job as job opportunities are increasing always.


This is a sensitive field as it requires a broad and full understanding of biomedicine and other health science fields. This will enable you to work in interdisciplinary teams to advise clients on several treatment options. Being an Australian physiotherapist, you will have to meet the 9 required standards set by the Australian Physiotherapy Council. Besides, the best thing about being a physiotherapist is seeing your clients recovering after taking the right medication.


Pursuing nursing should be among your best choices as nurses are loved by all due to their commitment to taking care of the sick. The nursing program is considered to deliver the highest quality education to its candidates. Besides, the candidates acquire the most accepted training and skills in modern facilities. This enables them to deliver the best and right healthcare services to the sick.


Studying pathology may take a while as you must have postgraduate training to be a pathologist. Pathology involves a wide area of medical research and specialisations. If you want to pursue it, great skills accompanied with courage will give you a pass.

Aged care

Pursuing aged care as a course demands a lot of patience and understanding. This is due to aged care services being among the most challenging and exhausting jobs in the health care sector. As a learner, you have to achieve great skills such as good communication skills, flexibility, responsiveness and respect to take care of elderly people. All this work is highly rewarded and appreciated by the community.


Studying nutrition is among today’s world trends as people are seeking help with eating the correct diet to avoid health problems. Pursuing nutrition will give you a full understanding of how to handle cases such as food allergies, weight gain and sensitivities.

Social care

The study of social care is putting a difference into the world through compassion. Therefore, social work is one of the fastest-growing careers today. You can avail of wide opportunities to receive training in different aspects of the study. With this, you will deal with understanding and aim to improve their lives. This is by impacting them positively and helping them to come up with ways of dealing with their social issues.


Dentistry is a special course that requires perfect skills. It is among the highest paying jobs all over the world. Therefore, pursuing it means your dedication and great skills will land you in such a field with the best financial goals. Moreover, in today's world, people are working to make their teeth look perfect. Hence, working in such a field is a great advantage with great opportunities.

Final thoughts

Studying a healthcare course is the best thing for society as you will be admired and respected for your compassion to serve the community. Above are among the best courses you can pursue in the healthcare field.

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