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Why Energy is the Most Important Element in Your Life

Energy is Most Important Element

You turn a corner, on the street, and suddenly you see this man or woman, 100 meters away from you. They seem to shine. You can’t help but look, if not stare at them. Why, are you so attracted? Because of their energy. And what most people don’t understand is that this energy, that they feel, from these special individuals, actually starts with basic physical energy; the one you get by eating and sleeping well, amongst other things. Here is how you can improve your energy.

To diffuse Energy, it first needs to be inside You

You can’t share what you don’t have; simple right? In fact, it is so simple when it comes to money and things, but we forget to apply that principle to our mind and body, often. It is like time: You can only do so much in a day. But what you manage to get in to your 24 hours, should matter. Otherwise, what’s the point? Therefore, if you want to be able to radiate on people around you, you first need energy. And to get that energy, you need food.

There is another way to make sure that your energy level is always at its best, and it is by adding some supplements like Elevant into your diet. Supplements are a part of your nutrition that helps you compensate for what you are lacking. As you grow older, your level of NAD+ reduces itself naturally. By adding NMN into your body, through Elevant capsules, you boost your NAD+, which brings you energy throughout the day. Of course, if you then go on eating junk food all day, and you don’t drink a sufficient amount of water, supplements won’t be sufficient. But if you eat lots of greens and fruits, and you enjoy a well-balanced diet, daily, then the addition of the supplements just might be that extra spark that will help you shine in the eyes of others.

Energy asks for efforts

If you have never trained, this might be difficult to understand, but if you want to be energized, you have to spend energy. If you accumulate energy but don’t do anything with it, it will become stale and heavy, and it may even make you nervous, if it doesn’t find an outlet. Training at the gym, or enjoying any other sports that requires some kind of physical movements on your part, will renew your energy instead of removing it. It happens in different waves. The first wave comes right after the shower that follows the sport session. You will feel refreshed, and no matter how tired you were before initiating the physical activity, you will have found a new vitality inside you, that will take you through the next hours.

The second wave will be one where you will feel empty of energy. However, your head will not feel heavy and confused. It will only send you one message: Time to rest. Therefore, in the evening, when you get to bed, it will not be a simple fact of life, that can actually cause more stress. Feeling like “you have to” go to sleep, can actually be detrimental to the amount of rest you will get, if it makes you anxious. But with physical activity, you place your body on a mattress, and in a matter of seconds, you are off to the world of dreams. The third and final wave will be felt in the morning, when you will wake-up, fully recharged, and ready to go, shining your brightest colors outwards, towards the people you meet.

Life is a State of Mind

What you see in those people that shine, is a way to see and live life. Couples who actually have that same quality, are often noticed but everyone, everywhere they go, even more than when they are alone. They have that Triality effect going on for them, where they seem to be more than just simply two individuals. This all starts by a simple state of mind, which everyone can have, as long as you take the time to install it profoundly inside you.

What you believe is only what you tell yourself. It takes root inside you, in the long run, to the point where it becomes close to impossible to change. That creates the energy that you send back to people. If you believe that life is beauty, that respect is the most important part of the relation between two individuals and that tomorrow will always be better than today, because it is full of surprises and promises, then it will be who you are. And wherever you go, everyone around you will recognize that beautiful energy that you have and reflect it on you, as well.

This isn’t magic. You need to do things in order to find the right energy level. You also have to train your mind to think in a way, that will reflect, in time, the man or the woman you always wanted to be.

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