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Ways to Learn Emotional Control and Discipline

There are over 7 billion of us on the face of the earth, yet, each and every individual is unique and different from the others. Our characteristics, manners, taste, and feelings are different from anyone else’s among hundreds of millions of people. We as well have emotions and they are a crucial part of who we are. They form our inner selves and are often hidden away from others. Being emotionally repressed can have a significant negative impact on one’s mental health. However, showing some emotions in the wrong places during particular times can result in undesirable consequences.

Being emotionally repressed is a big threat to one’s mental stability and even physical health. This state simply means keeping all of your emotions to yourself, without ever sharing them with the outside world. Some people might think that this could even be a useful approach to prevent establishing particular social images, yet, the health consequences of keeping all of it to yourself might be highly detrimental.

Thus, emotional control and discipline do not have the aim of leading someone to such undesirable results. Rather, it primarily tries to reduce the negative impact of uncontrolled emotions on other aspects of our daily lives. Often, without realizing it, our emotions take control over us and we act in an undesirable way, resulting in some unwanted outcomes.

For many people, being too emotionally overwhelming in the workplace or at an important meeting means losing productivity and damaging their mental health. Moreover, this could as well affect our relationships with people we love and truly admire. Some might think that family members and close friends can bear any of our behavior. Yet, the truth is that we all can get annoyed by our loved ones’ actions.

We live in some unprecedented times as the world is facing a global crisis. The novel coronavirus pandemic that originated in China’s Hubei province has already infected over 3 million people around the world while the death toll has far exceeded 200 thousand. The virus has already affected the absolute majority of countries, leaving the global economy in a standstill. With billions of people stuck at home, controlling emotions with our family members, friends, flatmates or significant others might be a massive challenge. Yet, we should not allow them to affect relationships that are so special to us.

As all non-essential workers are staying at home and fulfilling their duties from home offices, emotional stability in this department is also essential. Working in the same space where you wake up might be more challenging than we might think. The forex trading industry is one of the most stressful sectors to work in that regard. As exchange rates and prices change constantly, traders should keep up with the incredibly fast pace without lagging behind. Some of the legit Forex broker companies in Australia have already introduced workplace policies in response to the current crisis. This is in an effort to boost employee productivity and avoid emotional distress among them. Such measures are immensely important since we, as individuals, might not always be able to cope with the amount of stress by ourselves and get emotionally overwhelmed easily.

Make a decision to control your emotions

This first step is one of the most important moves forward on the path to successfully controlling your emotions. Everything starts with acknowledgment and high awareness. We should all be true to ourselves and realize, that our emotions have a big impact on how we live and interact with the rest of the world. More so, it has an even greater impact on how we are perceived by those around us. The idea of a positive or negative public image is almost solely based on one’s own emotions.

In general, there are certain emotional outbursts that might be accepted in some societies while others are strictly prohibited by abstract ‘social norms’. For example, being angry when women’s rights are not respected is a natural reaction to discrimination in the vast majority of western nations. However, in some deeply conservative countries, such an emotional eruption might even lead to an arrest. Thus, when evaluating our state of emotional stability, we should always take into account how the environment around us is influencing our actions and thoughts.

Try not to react immediately

Rather often, all of us say things that we do not mean. Such situations occur when we are feeling utterly overwhelmed by others’ actions or social circumstances. These preconditions make us react to emotion triggers instantly, without giving our actions and potential results a proper thought.

Usually, in such cases, people regret what they have said or done out of an impulsive decision. If you find yourself in a similar situation, take a deep breath in and out before making an emotional reaction. Continue doing so for roughly 5 minutes and as your heart rate goes back to normal, reevaluate what you were planning to do or say.

Look at a bigger picture

Whatever happens, there always is a larger picture which is significantly more important than just a single crisis situation. Thus, each and every time you realize that you are about to lose control over your emotions, think of the bigger picture. Why is this particular event, situation, or action important to me? Is it worth getting emotionally upset? What can it really change at a larger scale?

In answering these questions, make sure, to be frank, and just to yourself. There will not be any tangible results if we keep lying our conscious minds. Self-awareness and honesty are the first important steps toward finding an effective solution.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

One can achieve a lot by following some general measures and putting best efforts into making a visible difference. However, this might not always be the case and it is completely okay! Dealing with feelings can be very challenging, confusing, and emotionally demanding. Many people struggle with mental health issues because of their identities or backgrounds. In such cases, belonging to a community that can effectively support you during the process might simply not be possible. Professionals in the field are the best option for many people and no one should be afraid to ask for help.

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