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Efficient Ways to Train Your Dog

Train Your Dog

When you bring a new dog home, one of the first things to do after he’s settled in is to begin training right away! But where do you begin with training? What’s the best way to train a dog?

There are so many methods to follow when training your dog, so it can be a bit confusing, especially if you are a beginner! You may hire a personal trainer from places like Coolum Dog Training or do it on your own.

Regardless of the method used, you need to keep in mind the ways to train your dog well. This will ensure that your dog continues to train with or without professional trainers.

Read on to learn some helpful tips on how to train your dog well:

1. Set House Rules

Before your dog even comes home, you have to set ground rules and decide what he is and isn’t allowed to do. Can they go on the bed or furniture? Which parts of the home are off-limits? Will they have their own space in the dining area?

When you determine the rules early on, then you can avoid any confusion and stay consistent with training.

Also, one bonus tip: You may want to neuter or spay your dog once he’s old enough. They might be easier to train, as they would be less aggressive and more docile, open to efficient training.

2. Have a Private Den

Just like us humans, dogs require their own private space. This is why you need to prepare and introduce him to their own sleeping area, like a crate. Dogs benefit from being left alone for short periods as long as it is in the comfort and safety of their private place.

Giving them their own private area will be valuable for housetraining, too! When your dog is quiet and relaxed in their private area, reward them as needed.

3. Let Your Dog Relax

Once your dog is introduced to their new home, get them comfortable for the first few days before training them. If you have a new puppy, give them a warm bottle and place a ticking clock by where they sleep. This imitates the heat and heartbeat of his litter, soothing him to the new area.

The tip above will also help new dogs that used to live in busy and loud shelters, especially if they had a tough life before. Just be sure to get them comfortable with you, the family, and the new environment, which will keep them at ease and ready for training.

4. Reward Them

When you do begin training, reward your dog with good behavior using positive reinforcement. You can reward him with toys, treats, love, and a lot of praise. Let your dog know that he’s getting his commands correctly.

If ever he commits bad behavior, do NOT reward them, as this would only confuse them.

5. Teach Them to Come to You

One of the first commands you teach your dog is to come to you when he’s called. Tell your dog to come with his name, and when he does, be excited and reward him with a lot of positive reinforcement. Then, continue to try this command when he’s distracted with food or toys.

Perfecting this starting command will definitely help you and your dog in the long run.

6. Train During “Dog Time”

Puppies and dogs would live in the moment. After 2 minutes, they already forgot about whatever they did! If ever your dog is doing something wrong, then use your training technique immediately so they would know that what they did was wrong.

With consistent repetition, it will reinforce what your dog learned.

7. End Training Positively

And lastly, after training, remember that your dog worked so hard to do his best to learn new commands and tricks to please you! Always end the session with a lot of praise, some treats, pets, and a few minutes of playtime. This will get them geared up and ready for the next training session with more happiness and determination.

Wrapping It Up

It’s crucial to train your dog to help with unwanted behaviors, it’s actually one of the basic needs of dogs! This is why it’s best to begin training as soon as possible, and while overwhelming, it will be very rewarding in the long run. You can find the right method suitable for you and your dog, starting from these tips!

I hope that these tips on how to train your dog well will help you with your future training sessions together. Don’t wait any longer and plan out your dog’s training plan and help him develop into an intelligent and well-behaved family member. Good luck!

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on training dogs? Share them in the comments section below. All of your thoughts are much appreciated!

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