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The Effects of Untreated PTSD

PTSD, also called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, occurs when an individual goes through a stressful or traumatic event. For the sufferer of PTSD, the condition is disruptive, as recurring thoughts about the past event can impact his or her daily life. Therefore, it is important to get treatment for this debilitating and harmful disorder.

10 Common Symptoms of PTSD

Below are 10 common symptoms of PTSD...

  1. The patient may often believe they hear or experience events, as if the situation was occurring again.
  2. Patients also experience flashbacks or nightmares when sleeping.
  3. Frightening images or thoughts of the experience recur periodically.
  4. The patient often avoids places or situations that remind him or her of the traumatic event.
  5. The patient frequently avoids feelings or thoughts associated with the event.
  6. PTSD patients experience decreased motivation over time and often detach themselves from others, isolating themselves from people close to them.
  7. A PTSD patient may exhibit nervousness and feel anxiety frequently. They may also show increased irritability and agitation, anger or frustration.
  8. Some PTSD patients are commonly restless. They may pace a good deal or find it difficult to sit still. In some cases, the patient may experience muscle tension, twitching, or tremors.
  9. Patients, in some instances, may have problems with their memory or find it hard to remain attentive.
  10. Patients may express negative and self-defeating thoughts, blame themselves, or feel guilty.

Why Seeking Help Makes All the Difference

Anyone who has PTSD does not have to go on experiencing the above emotions or feelings. The condition is treatable. Therefore, getting treatment offers a good prognosis for anyone who diligently seeks help. The sooner a patient receives help, the better the results.

That is why it is important to obtain medical intervention for PTSD. Because PTSD is normally a progressive disorder, symptoms worsen over time. Some patients resort to substance abuse, which only makes everything worse. U.S. veterans, in particular, have been known to self-medicate with alcohol to cope with unresolved trauma.

Also, if the condition is left untreated, a patient, after a while, may suffer anger management issues, situations that end in outbursts or the abuse of a child or spouse. Isolation is also a common problem.

Another risk of non-treatment is severe depression. PTSD sufferers may show suicidal tendencies when experiencing a PTSD episode.

Needless to say, PTSD is a complex disorder, one that can be dangerous, psychologically and physically, both to the patient and to others. If you suffer from PTSD or someone close to you has the disorder, make it a priority to get help immediately.


To recover from PTSD, a patient needs to undergo an assessment and diagnosis for treatment. Therefore, it is vital to find a clinic that has an experienced staff that provides PTSD therapy - one that is made up of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. The facility should provide a multifaceted approach - one where healing of the mind, body, and spirit are all emphasized.

For anyone who is affected by PTSD directly or indirectly, getting the needed treatment will provide hope and create a plan for healing that will ensure a quality life psychologically and physically.

About the Author

Scott H. Silverman has been fighting against addiction for almost 40 years. He is the CEO of Confidential Recovery, a treatment program that helps U.S.Veterans overcome addiction and PTSD

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