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What are the Effects of Smoking Sativa Marijuana?

Smoking Sativa Marijuana

Now that people can buy marijuana at more than just from a kid who goes to the nearby university, people are becoming more informed of the substance. The more people are turning to it medicinally, the more people have taken an interest in the different strains and the effects of each. One of the most common, sativa, has good reason to be popular.

Plant Distinctions of Sativa

Cannabis sativa is usually found in hot, dry climates with a lot of exposure to sunlight. Plants can grow to heights over 12 feet and can take longer to mature than other strains. Leaves tend to have narrow fingers.

Sativa often has lower doses of CBD compared to THC. Because of this, the effects tend to be more of a “mind high”, reducing anxiety and increasing creativity. Since it is more of a stimulant than a depressant, you will be less likely to experience lethargy as a side effect. This allows for more productivity should you decide to smoke before an activity. (Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of marijuana.)

Medical Uses of Sativa

Because the ratio of CBD to THC is different from that of indica, sativa is even used for different symptoms of illnesses. Due to their uplifting components, sativa strains are a great go-to when treating emotional disorders that are already tiring such as depression. Other common medicinal uses include:

  • Enhancing mood, particularly against anxiety;
  • Improving focus and creativity;
  • Combating fatigue;
  • Stimulating the appetite; and
  • Relieving pain, especially if avoiding narcotics or drowsy medications.

Medical Side Effects

People who go into smoking sativa for recreation will get a different experience than someone who is just wanting to treat pain. Things to expect if you are not looking to “get high” can include:

  • Insomnia. As previously discussed, sativa functions almost as an “upper”, offering energy. Because of this, it may be difficult to get to sleep if you smoke this shortly before your intended bedtime.
  • Dizziness. Should you not be seeking recreation, some of the effects THC has on the motor system may make you feel lightheaded. As smoking lowers blood pressure, this has an added impact on the feeling, which may be amplified if standing too rapidly.

Sativa is one of the most sought ways to smoke marijuana for those who have a daytime lifestyle. It keeps energy up, anxiety, and pain down, and doesn’t prohibit focus. Speak with a professional at the Medford Dispensary to learn how you can benefit from sativa.

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