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All Things Considered: What are the Effects of Massage for People with Diabetes?

Going through challenging times and living in this stressful world affects the overall lifestyle of an individual, often resulting in health complications. Every health issue needs an impactful and effective treatment that can eliminate or limit the side effects caused on the body. One of the best ways to revive your physical, mental, and emotional health is by considering massage therapy. Massage is an effective body therapy that promotes overall good health. Considering massage therapy for various health complications can ensure reduced bodily harm and allow you to live an active life. 

Most individuals consider remedial massage in Elsternwick to treat their damaged tissues or ease muscle tension, while some opt for a hot stone massage to encourage relaxation. Similar to any other treatment, massage has several benefits and side effects for diabetic people. Several studies suggest the positive impact of massage on blood glucose levels and diabetes symptoms. Diabetes massage relaxes muscles and provides relaxation to your mind, which reduces any physical and mental health issues associated with diabetes.

Massage with Diabetes

To get an in-depth view of diabetes massage and learn more about its benefits, continue reading. First, let's go through:

Common Complications of Diabetes

According to the Health Research Institute, one in every five Australians suffers from the peripheral arterial disease (PAD). 

PAD is caused due to narrow and blocked blood vessels in the legs which limit the blood flow to the feet. While PAD is not considered life-threatening, it can increase the chances of a person suffering from a heart attack or stroke up to six times more! The alarming concerns due to PAD can result in catastrophic consequences such as foot ulcers or even amputation. Your legs should receive an adequate and correct amount of blood flow to limit the chances of PAD or its symptoms. 

Benefits of Foot Massage for Diabetics

Several studies have shown the positive impact of considering massage therapy for diabetes. Massage therapy can reduce glucose levels, which can prevent hyperglycemia in a diabetic patient. Hyperglycemia is said to cause health and body complications like eye damage, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, skin infection, and joint mobility issues. In rare cases, it can even result in a diabetic coma. Massage therapy aids body relaxation, which lowers glucose levels and reduces chances of Hyperglycemia.

Diabetes massage can increase muscle and soft tissue flexibility. High blood sugar often leads to the thickening of connective tissue. Massage therapy will help relax muscles, tendons and ligaments, which will increase the mobility and flexibility of joints and reduce soft tissue injuries. People can consider using a foot massager to increase flexibility and mobility in their legs and increase blood flow.

Best Massage Techniques For Diabetes

Most review studies are still working on understanding the effectiveness of different types of massage. However, massage therapy - in general - and techniques used can treat muscles and promote adequate blood flow to the body. Since massage is a complementary therapy, people can consider using it along with traditional medical treatment.

Here are some types of massage that have been associated to reduce diabetes include:

  • Connective tissue massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Thai foot massage and other types of foot massage
  • Traditional Chinese massage

You can also consider different types of massage and compare individual effectiveness in your diabetic symptoms.

Important Precautions of Massage for People with Diabetes

The therapeutic benefits of diabetes massage should be noted by anyone going through this diagnosis. However, for a diabetic patient, it is essential to consider several critical factors before seeking massage therapy.

Before seeking any physical therapy, it is vital to consult a knowledgeable and experienced physician. Although massage therapy is one of the best treatments for stress and pain relief, people with diabetes should be aware of potential fluctuations in their blood sugar levels. Diabetics should always monitor their blood sugar level after any physical therapy to keep insulin in check.

Another critical precaution diabetics should consider is avoiding massage in an area where they usually inject insulin. Massage therapy involves soft kneading and pressure on a certain area. Any amount of pressure on the insulin injected area may influence your body with absorbing the content and counter the intake.

If you are a professional athlete suffering from diabetes, kindly lookout for this vital consideration.

Are Foot Massagers Good for Diabetics with Neuropathy?

Massage products like recliners with foot-and-calf massagers can prove to be an effective tool for patients with diabetes to increase blood flow in their legs and feet. However, diabetics should be mindful of the pressure levels and heat options available in the massage product. If you want to try foot massage for your diabetic neuropathy, make sure you consult a healthcare professional or remedial massage therapist and consider doing your own research.

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