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8 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Most people are aware that cigarette smoking is harmful. It’s one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease, like stroke and heart disease, and can lead to devastating health conditions like cancer, lung disease, COPD, and diabetes. While you might be aware of those risks, it doesn’t make quitting any easier. However, you might experience some luck kicking the habit by taking some of the following steps.


While not considered entirely harmless, vaping might be an ideal alternative to smoking when you’ve had no luck quitting smoking cold turkey. Arm yourself with vape wholesale distributor or purchase starter kits with vape juice, and start by cutting out a few of your ‘routine’ cigarettes each day. 

The transition can sometimes be slow, but you might be able to give up smoking sooner than you thought. You can then decide whether you want to continue vaping or give up this smoking cessation tool when you feel ready. 

Trying Smoking Cessation Products

Vape products are popular smoking cessation tools that have helped many people quit smoking and remain smoke-free. However, they are not the only option. Nicotine replacement therapy products like gum, lozenges, and patches might all be worth your consideration when you’re having a hard time saying goodbye to nicotine altogether. 

Avoid Your Smoking Triggers

Some people smoke no matter what situation they’re in, but others tend to rely on cigarettes more often in particular environments. You might smoke more when you drink alcohol, are stressed, or are in a social setting with friends. During those early days of quitting smoking, consider limiting anything you might identify as a trigger until you believe you’re strong enough not to reach for a cigarette. 

Rely On Loved Ones for Support

Studies have shown that quitting smoking is as challenging as quitting drugs like cocaine and heroin. While some people are more than capable of doing it on their own, it’s okay to need support from friends and family. Any time you feel like you need a cigarette, reach out to your support network. Sometimes, the simple distraction from your craving is enough to help you through that difficult moment until you’re permanently smoke-free.

Try Hypnotherapy

While there isn’t any clear evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking easier than other methods, there’s no harm in trying it if you haven’t had any luck with conventional methods. Hypnotherapy involves an altered state of awareness in which you seem to be in a trance or asleep. Patients are asked to imagine unpleasant outcomes associated with smoking, such as the dryness of their mouth, or the smell of their clothes. 

Some techniques also prioritize the idea that smoking poisons your body and that you need your body to live and must respect and protect it. For many, hypnotherapy is enough to stamp out the habit for good. 

Replace the Habit with a Hobby

Many people integrate smoking into their daily routines. It almost becomes a hobby in itself, and it can be hard to teach your body to eliminate that part of your day. However, you might find it easier to make less room for smoking by swapping that habit for a hobby. For example, you might do a crossword or read a book rather than have a cigarette with your morning coffee. Any time you reach a point where you feel the sudden urge to smoke, you can focus your attention on your hobby until the moment passes. 

Find Your Reason to Quit Smoking

Unless you have a reason to quit smoking in the first place, you might find it hard to say goodbye to cigarettes for good. Come up with your ‘why’ and make it one you can think about whenever you have a strong urge to light a smoke. For many, it’s the health implications and the desire to be there for their children. For others, it’s the cost of smoking, which is now out of many people’s budgets. 

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Not everyone quits smoking successfully the first time. In fact, it can take several tries before you manage to stop for good. If you happen to give in to your cravings and light up, don’t see it as a failure that means you have to keep smoking. Instead, see it as a minor setback and jump right back on the bandwagon. The journey to being smoke-free isn’t always linear, and you might give in to your cravings several times before making it stick. 

Quitting smoking is never easy, especially since nicotine is an addictive substance. However, if you try vaping, relying on the support of your friends, and any of these other techniques above, you might have more success than you’ve experienced during previous attempts. 

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