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Facials Make De-Stressing
Easier Than Ever


By Jackie Edwards

It's no secret that skincare is a tool many use to relax and unwind. Facials and other forms of skincare provide many benefits and only enhance a natural part of life. The body is continuously producing new layers of skin, and when old or dead cells gather on the skin, it creates blemishes. But by taking a spa day, you can improve your skin's health, de-stress, and get back into the world feeling better than ever.

A Healthy Boost

The human body has epidermal, dermal, and subcutaneous layers. As we grow, surface or epidermal layers age and are meant to be shed, but sometimes the body has difficulty removing the old skin from certain spots. A facial can remove this skin, literally lifting the dead weight from your shoulders. This can improve your skin's look, and give the refreshed and clean feeling.

Another great part of skincare is knowing that, if you visit a spa or salon to receive it, you’re taking a day to relax and separate yourself from the stressful parts of your day. Most skincare spas tailor the experience to you, allowing you to leave out cell phones or other devices that might cause you stress and only bring what you want with you. Plus, having someone personally focusing on your needs, even for a little while, can offer therapeutic thought-clearing benefits.

Improvement You Can Feel

Even at home, removing unwanted dead skin and blemishes can help to de-stress. A facial often includes moisturizing the skin using a mask. This can soften the outer layers of your skin, making you gentler to the touch. Most blemishes also cause a difference in layers that give your skin a coarser touch. But using a facial or skin care treatment, you even the feel of these blemishes out.

The number one reason to try skincare though is just to treat yourself. The feeling of cleanliness is often linked to lower stress and increased comfort. Not everyone gets a facial for their loved ones or an important moment like a wedding. Instead, try using it as a method to remind yourself how valuable your happiness is, and refresh yourself emotionally and spiritually.


Stress is considered the leading factor in premature aging and disease. In the modern era finding time to take care of your body and relax can be difficult. But by maintaining a level of skincare, or trying something new like a facial, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. A facial can remove blemishes on both your skin and mind and promote healthiness where your body needs a bit of a helping hand now and then.

Jackie Edwards is a freelance editor and writer. Before she became a writer, she was a fitness instructor and life coach. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the job was helping people improve their health, taking into consideration every aspect of their lifestyle and how it affects the choices they make.

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