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9 Tips to Eat Healthier When Ordering Food Online

Mindful eating can be a difficult choice if you are ordering food online with friends who love unhealthy foods or if you are craving some overloaded cheesy goodness. You can customize your meals, pick small appetizers to cut down big portioned main course spreads or opt for healthier alternatives to your favorite decadent dishes without burning a hole in your pocket.

DoorDash coupons, for instance, could be a great way to claim 75% savings on first order, an interesting $30 off referring to your friends or families and lot’s more.

DoorDash healthy options corner menu is also an option to choose healthier meals while ordering food online. This menu offers discounts on wraps, bowls and sides. Additionally, you can use the following tricks to make healthy choices while ordering food from websites like DoorDash, Grubhub, Seamless, Postmates, Uber Eats etc.

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1. Read the menu carefully

Check ingredients to avoid extra oil, salt, processed meats and canned/processed/ frozen ingredients and cooking techniques to ensure they are not deep fried or creamed. You can order from any restaurant and use coupons to redeem discounts on online orders.

Also go through the menu to check nutrition information like calorie count. Besides, you may also find special diet menus like low-fat, gluten free, low carb etc. Seamless coupons can help all users redeem up to 35% off or $10 discount on all restaurant orders via Postmates.

2. Order two appetizers substituting a main

Double your happiness with two appetizers instead of ordering a huge main course or order a half portion with salad. You can order baked versions of your favorite chicken nuggets and crostini or baked brie using 25% off with Grubhub deals.

Dishes like shrimp cocktail, baked cauliflower with blue cheese dip, vegan pita pizza, hummus with veggies etc. are some healthy appetizer orders that can help you claim 75% off on first DoorDash order with $12 off + free delivery on Grubhub sign-up deal.

3. Choose healthy alternatives

Instead of a normal hamburger, order a slider with a side salad; thin or wheat crust pizza with vegetable toppings to cut down on the extra carbs and avail $25 credit on Seamless app referral deal and $5 with Grubhub student discount.

Other healthy substitutes include fibrous carbs and whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta instead of white rice and pasta, fajitas replacing nachos etc. can be ordered using Postmates to earn $25 savings on burger, beverage and other orders.

4. Prioritize lean proteins and vegetables

Lean meats contain low saturated fats, promote satiety thus preventing the risk of heart disease. You can get a meatless meal or order falafel and dishes made with plant proteins like tofu, beans, lentils to claim 50% off on online food orders.

Other options like grilled chicken or salmon, poached or boiled eggs, skinless chicken and lean fish consumption can lower calorie intake, maintain body muscles, regulate body processes and ensure optimal functioning of the body.

5. Skip fried food

The fat and carbs in fried food makes it even more tempting, but options like baked, steamed, seared or grilled can reduce risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. You can get extra $5 off on Seamless orders from fast food chains.

Choosing baked or roasted dishes instead of grilling or frying, broth-based soup accompanied with veggies, instead of rice and summer rolls instead of spring rolls are great options that can be ordered using free Postmates delivery on $12+ orders, 5% off on Uber Eats member deal.

6. Select healthy sides

Eating healthy side dishes will not mean empty calories when you avoid cheesy dips and dairy products like cream and butter. You can order herb potato salad, cucumber salad, nutritious coleslaw and get $15 discount on $30+ DoorDash orders.

As a substitute of condiments and toppings like mayo, salad dressing, you can order side salad with black beans, guacamole, Pico de Gallo and light sauces made with herbs, spices and vinegar to claim 20% savings on DoorDash orders, $10 off on $25+ Grubhub purchases with free delivery on Seamless orders.

7. Be careful with add-on options

At times, even salads have added cheese, meats, oily dressings and refined grain components like croutons, bread and chips that can be avoided to boost health and add diversity to diet.

Dishes like baked potato or vegetables with stews, salad, black beans can be used to make tasty casseroles, sandwiches and pasta orders that can redeem additional discount on sandwich combo and family feasts via DoorDash, $10 off on Seamless coupon deal and $7 off on Grubhub app orders.

8. Strategize your order delivery timings

On no-cooking days, ordering a takeout is not such a bad option but on seeing 30+ minutes delivery time, heading to the snack corner isn’t that good! To prevent this, ordering in-advance or not waiting till you’re too hungry is a better idea.

If you are on your way back from work, place an early order so that it is delivered around the same time you reach home

9. Customize your meals

Start your day with eggs and fruit, rather than waffles, pancakes or fruit juice. You must consume a balanced diet throughout the day including carbohydrates, non-starchy vegetables, a small portion of protein and a salad with plant-based fats like olives, nuts and seeds.

You can alternate cheat meals with healthy versions of your comfort food + fresh fruit or have fruit-based desserts.

So, experiment with healthy food orders to alleviate moods, reduce calorie intake, improve your physical and mental health. Just simply researching well and ordering mindfully cannot prevent risk of fatal diseases but also help you claim 20% savings with DoorDash pickup coupon and flat $15 off on $30 group orders. Using other coupons, discount vouchers, online deals and offers can thus prove beneficial while ordering healthy food online.

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