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Eagle Chest Tattoo - Strength, Courage
and Unshakable Disposition

This bird of prey tattoo can be found both on bodies of fragile ladies and brutal men. The eagle is the ancient symbol of strength, pride and courage. The picture of an eagle on the chest suits courageous and confident people, since it holds cultural and symbolic value. Such ‘predatory’ tattoo will look impressive and can radically transform the appearance.

Tattoo Meanings

The eagle is a proud bird sometimes even referred to as the ‘king of the birds’. However, different indigenous peoples have formed different attitudes to it. In ancient Greece, the eagle was associated with strength and power. Among the Indians, it is widely considered a symbol of the unification of the human soul and the power of nature. Meanwhile, for Christian people, it symbolizes the victory of the good over the bad.

The meaning of a tattoo depends not only on the sketch itself, but also on its placement. In ancient times, getting a chest tattoo meant heart protection, as well as symbolized stubborn temper, fearlessness, and the strength of mind.

Choosing a Tattoo

Men usually prefer a realistic eagle tattoo on their chest. The bird is quite big and placed in the center. The sketch is rather unusual, and the picture is tattooed on the entire chest. It can be a spectacular bird with spread wings placed right in the center of the chest. In case the bird is placed on the side, it is often depicted with additional details, let’s say, a mountain or the sunset. For more eagle chest tattoo ideas, feel free to visit FineAdviser and check out the catalog of tattoo artists from all over the world.


Most tattoo styles are suitable for an expressive picture of this majestic bird. Let's consider the most popular ones.


Eagle tattoos done in traditional style often decorate male and female chests. They are special for their vivid and rich hues. Simple yet colorful tattoos are usually chosen by young people. One of the most stylish options for guys is an eagle fighting a snake.

Red, blue, green and black are considered basic colors in the traditional style, an important element of which is a thick black outline.

Eagle Chest Tattoo


The realistic style eagle chest tattoo has remained extremely popular for several decades. Realistic drawings are in demand among men and women. The eagle seems to come to life due to the professional skills of a tattoo artist, and the play of shadows and light. A sketch with a bird's head against a background of rocks is a truly excellent choice.


Black & Gray

Tattoos in Black & Gray style are limited to the use of black and gray pigments only. This technique will always be relevant, because by combining it with other styles, you can easily create an amazing three-dimensional tattoo. Nevertheless, an eagle done in Black & Gray technique is sure to be the most outstanding part of the combo tattoo.

Black & Gray

Trash Polka

One of the newest styles in the tattoo industry is trash polka, which is based on newspaper graphics paired with elements of modern culture. Traditional colors of trash polka are black, red, and white. The style combines realistic yet extremely unusual details. People who go for getting an eagle in trash polka style on their chest are looking to emphasize their fearlessness and strength.

Trash Polka

Having studied the evolution of societal culture, it can be stated that tattoos have become a really important part of self-expression. Men and women are decorating their bodies with stylish tattoos in order to express their personality and inner state.

The picture of a bird of prey on the body is likely to stay relevant in the tattoo industry for a long time, as it greatly indicates the strength and pride of those who wear it. Men love eagle tattoos for the fact that they personify independence, determination, confidence, and women appreciate them for originality and brightness.

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