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Dry Skin: Causes and Treatments

Treating dry skin

The beauty and skincare industry has come a long way. Along with our knowledge about skin and how to properly treat it. We know that it's important to wear sunscreen no matter your skin tone or how long you're going to be out. We know that one big cause of skin problems is from touching our faces. Of course, this knowledge hasn't completely solved all of our skin issues yet. One of the biggest skin issues is dry skin. On the surface, dry skin seems like a minor inconvenience that can go away just by moisturizing your skin. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Dry skin usually isn't a sign of a bigger medical issue however, it can easily turn into one. So, what makes dry skin so bad and how do you treat it?

According to Kristeen Moore from Healthline's article, "What Causes Dry Skin and How to Treat It," published in 2018, dry skin is a skin condition also known as dermatitis, which results in scaly, itchy, and flakey skin. Dry skin is not limited to the face only, as it can also affect arms, legs, and hands. Dry skin can be caused by several things. You may have dry skin naturally or it could be due to other factors. Referencing Kristeen Moore's article again, it can be caused by outside factors such as weather. It can also be caused by other conditions like psoriasis and even type 2 diabetes. Allergic reactions and irritating chemicals can also be the culprit. Dry skin can even be caused by producing too much oil! As you get older, you may also get crepey skin and you may need the crepe erase treatment.

Since there are many different types of dry skin or dermatitis, it makes sense that each treatment is unique in its way. Some conditions such as atopic dermatitis, or eczema, might require a trip to your dermatologists. Despite a few minor things being different throughout each treatment, it is possible to stick to a basic skincare guide to treat and prevent dry skin. One important thing to do before starting any treatment is to talk to your dermatologist in KL about your dry skin. Not only will they give you tips on how to treat it, but they can also provide information as to what's causing it. Mayo Clinic's article called "Dry Skin" gives some insight into how to treat dry skin. Generally, simply using moisturizers and avoiding taking hot showers and baths can help. Using creams that have hyaluronic acid or hydrocortisone will help lock moisture in. Learn more about how to use Hyaluronic Acid Serum including FAQs.

If you have severely dry skin you might need to use tougher methods of getting rid of it. Mayo Clinic also recommends using an over-the-counter cream to treat dry skin. Preferably creams that contain lactic acid. If your dry skin is caused by psoriasis or you have eczema, your best bet is to use a cream prescribed to you by your doctor. You should also avoid harsh soaps. Harsh soaps are usually soaps that contain fragrances like essential oils. While they smell great, they're pretty terrible for the skin and could lead to your dry skin worsening. Avoiding deodorant soaps and soaps that contain alcohol is also essential in keeping your skin smooth and healthy.

Your clothes also play a bigger part in affecting your skin than you might think. Avoid using harsh fabrics that could potentially irritate your skin. Clothes made from natural fibers are typically the safest option however, if it bothers your skin or if your allergic to fibers such as silk or cotton, finding an alternative is key. It's also a good idea to stop using perfumes or dyes on your clothes. Again, while smelling great, they can be pretty harsh on the skin. If the issue doesn't get relieved fairly quickly, it's probably a good idea to go to your dermatologist and see what the problem is and what they can do about it, as suggested by the American Academy of Dermatology in their tips on dealing with dry skin.

Whatever the case may be, it's always good to take care of yourself and your skin. Skin can be very sensitive so, be kind to it. Your skin is your largest organ and it's irreplaceable so relieving any skin condition is very important. Of course, not every case is the same. Some may only need a slight change in their lifestyle or skincare routine while others may have to use prescriptions and check in with their doctor. Dry skin isn't something to be ashamed of but it'll make you feel a lot better once you get rid of it.

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